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The many application to motile blender

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Main by bowl, swing frame, 3 much make frame. Bowl outfit is swinging frame on, be propped up by 4 gyro wheel and by two archives wheel pair its are undertaken axial locates, in 4 gyro wheel that prop up, among them two transmission annulus procrastinate with rotational power system move make bowl produces roll; Swing frame come by orgnaization of fork of one cento handle drive, outfit of brace fork orgnaization is on frame, swing frame prop up by bearing component go up in frame. Characteristic: The bowl of blender of 2 dimension motion can have 2 roll at the same time, one is the roll of bowl, another is followed for bowl swing wear swing, stock be mixtured turns along with bowl inside bowl, retroflexion, compound at the same time, the swing and produces the left and right sides to make a round trip mix into that follows bowl again mixes sport, below the joint action that moves in these two, stock gets sufficient mixture inside short time. Blender of 2 dimension motion suits EYH series the mixture of all pink, graininess stock.

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