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The advantage of equipment of new-style powder mortar

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Whole set of equipment of GY powder mortar is by my company (Wei lane An Yu) develop development independently what make mortar of special type powder only is medium or small equipment. With home congener product photograph is compared, this machines and tools has the following and distinct advantage: 1. Dispersive sex is good. Blender interior uses unique structural design, can effective dispersive polypropylene fiber and wooden fiber, because the proportion of stock is different,solved completely the separation that cause and fiber reunite 2 times wait for a problem. 2. Scope of application is wide. This equipment can satisfy the production of the powder mortar that different function asks to need. Be like: Mortar of plasterer of? of Ao of crucian carp  . Place of heat preservation system needs mortar. Decorate all sorts of powder mortar such as mortar. 3. Sexual price is compared tall. This equipment has clear price advantage, heat preservation of the wall outside be aimed at especially produces an item with what decorate mortar, not only investment is little, benefit is tall, and the facility that avoided to had invested to be caused greatly is unused waste with resource. 4. Use go to the lavatory simply. This equipment is had cover an area of an area small, specific power consumption is low, yi Cao is made, need not the foundation can install use good point directly. Produce 3-5 hourly ton, jockey person 3 - 6 people can.

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