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How to choose horizontal blender

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Current, the country breeds many choice vertical to mix equipment, but expert proposal, when dimensions pig farm is choosing feed to machine equipment, should choose horizontal blender, this equipment mixture efficiency is tall, mixture quality is good, discharge time is short, incomplete allowance is little. But choice and use horizontal blender need to notice the following:
1. According to every natural output chooses lie mix machine. Because of blender every approve stock handling time about 6 minutes, add a makings to reach into the time of makings, handling time of every batches of stock can press 10 minutes plan, criterion 1 hour can process 6 batches of material. If choose every to approve treatment to measure the blender of 100 kilogram, can machine 600 kilogram hourly. The user can choose horizontal blender according to his need.
2. According to principle of job of blender of horizontal helix belt, be being used at belt of agitate compound double helix to push the capability that sends stock to opposite way should agree basically. As a result of inside the pitch that helix takes should is less than outside helix belt, push the ability that sends stock to agree to achieve, the pitch that helix takes inside should is less than outside helix belt, and width should is more than outside helix belt, can make stock is centered to a direction otherwise. Accordingly, want to notice this when choosing horizontal blender.
3. Press design principle, can the clearance between belt of the helix in helix belt blender and housing be 4 millimeter? 10 millimeter, stock can be driven with attrition force attend entirely mix.
But the coefficient of friction that because smash,granuality reachs stock is different, because this meeting makes the stock of all sorts of constituent plays compound time different, cause the inhomogenous sex of the product. At present some manufacturer already realized this and made to the product improve. One kind is to notice to machine precision, make a bottom unoccupied place reduce 1 millimeter? 2 millimeter; Another kind is main shaft and housing between form of adjustable of make it position, often can adjust the clearance between helix belt and housing according to wear extent. When choosing blender, the product of these two kinds of forms should be optimal choice.
4. Blender of belt of choice horizontal helix should notice to give makings way.
Should choose the form that opens the door greatly, do not choose side mouth or bottom small ringent to give makings form. The reason is: In formulary time when blender the agitate that finish mixes hind, the puts Qing Dynasty to be able to assure stock uniformity inside the shortest time; If use side mouth or tape of helix of bottom small mouth,put gradually clean, it is lose time, short of anticipates productivity, 2 it is stock already achieved optimal uniformity originally, excessive agitate can make instead stock separation, destroyed uniformity, lost the sense that chooses horizontal blender thereby.
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