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XJH tall cut smash blender builds bead to produce uric radical in tall tower the

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Liu Shichao, xu Yuelong
(Brigade arranges factory of pump of Great Wall chemical industry, liaoning Dalian 116049)

[Summary] XJH of introductory patent product tall cut smash the working principle of blender, structure and its characteristic. This equipment is used at tall tower melt to build bead to produce uric radical compound fertilizer, smash mix the urea frit juice that contains solid stock, solved tall tower to create the problem that bead shower nozzle blocks up easily, improved manufacturing efficiency. This machine structure is original, cooperate forthright, move smooth, service life is long.
[Keyword] melt of tall tower of compound fat; builds uric radical a; XJH tall cut smash blender

In large and compound fat device, with the K of ℃ of 60 of 50 ~2SO4, NH4H2PO4 Join 130 ~ in proportion with filling fluid of frit of 140 ℃ urea, rotate via building a tower shower nozzle alveolus is ejective, in Gao Dazhong whereabouts becomes bead. Before this cut smash mixture equipment is to use a lantern to wear a structure, namely electric machinery is passed lantern wearing and cut body to be linked together, sliding bearing is installed in axial lower end, because the solid grain in mixed liquor medium is hard, abrasion rate is rapid, sliding bearing grows a 40 D, short criterion 10 D damages, cut body to be ground entirely fully, overall be destroyed. Meanwhile, the existence of medium grain, and viscosity amounts to S of · of 4 Pa of 2.5 ~ , shower nozzle alveolus often is jammed, must change often rotate shower nozzle, the influence manufactures efficiency. Cut the life of machine to lengthen, make urea frit fluid passes shower nozzle alveolus smoothly, developed XJH especially model tall cut smash blender.
1XJH tall cut smash the working principle of blender
XJH tall cut smash blender job principle is: 1) designs cantilever type structure, cancelled the sliding bearing with brief life, the crystallization content that lengthened the life; 2) of equipment to contain solid grain and sundry, through cutting put oneself in another's position when dormant overflow, cut with what rotate annulus stick unoccupied place come back match, use relative high speed to rotate, mechanical is cut, smash reach compound method, cut chunk stock or smash atomic medium, achieve can successful through rotating shower nozzle undertakes building bead. In the meantime, use cut annulus deliver mechanical energy medium, and use exits and entrance poor, force medium to be passed continuously.
XJH tall cut smash the technical parameter of blender sees a table 1.

2XJH tall cut smash the structure of blender and design characteristic
XJH tall cut smash blender structure sees the graph is shown 1 times. Quantity of 1 aux will be able to passes electromotor stretch shaft coupling 2 deliver directly tall cut smash blender main shaft 4. Main shaft 4 use rigid axis design, be rolled by double fulcrum the bearing of bearing bearing wears 3 firmly to secure. Bearing wears 3 upside fulcrum to contact bearing composition by horn of 1 pair of thrust, can bear the axial force of two direction and bearing of; of one part radial load wear 3 bottom fulcrum to be rolled by short cylinder bearing is comprised, also assumed main shaft the another part radial load of 4. Main shaft 4 Duan An contain cut annulus 8, undertake gyral through making the same score key to transfer power, cut right now annulus 8 around without sliding bearing, be in cantilever condition. Because the axis designs rigid axis, move smooth, nonexistent sliding bearing wears away problem, consequently overall life cycle is long. Bearing wears face of 3 lower ends through stopping mouth and cut machine take-over 6 cooperate to connect, at the same time with motherboard 5 cooperate fixed position, take-over 6 pass again stop mouth and cut put oneself in another's position 7 cooperate bolt to connect, cut put oneself in another's position at the same time 7 with cut annulus 8 stick unoccupied place come back match, they one static easily control of its bottom clearance is in 0.3 Mm, force mixed liquor to be entered through cutting round of 8 lower ends (see a picture 1 arrowhead B) , via cutting, after smash and mixing, by cut put oneself in another's position 7 mid cut aperture eduction (see a picture 1 arrowhead C) , make compound fertilizer mixes frit fluid to build a device to move continuously in tall tower thereby.
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