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Successive macerate adds direct form the common breakdown of wet disintegrator a

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In beer saccharify production use direct formula commonly now successive macerate adds wet disintegrator. After getting the materials ready, be in malt storehouse keep in storage of saccharify work entirely malt, malt enter rotate after discharge adds wet canister, be opposite inside the canister malt have second of 6 0 of Wen Shui macerate, mai Pi is bibulous make an appointment with 2 0 % , in entering pair of roller disintegrator next, undertake smashing. The malt Wen Shui after smashing carries saccharification boiler with pump after size mixing. Successive macerate adds direct form wet disintegrator is time of 8 0 of 2 0 century by Germany the company mixes Sitannike the company makes Hoffman, already applied extensively in my beer production at present.
Increase wet disintegrator price tall, the structure is complex, demand of care and maintenance is high, undertake installing debugging by professional technology personnel commonly. My plant goes a few experience and everybody communication in the summary in real work, the breakdown that its often appear and processing technique brief introduction is as follows.
1. Rotate discharge adds wet canister
Most the breakdown that often appears is discharge canister does not turn, add wet canister to turn for second of every 1 4 0 commonly circuit, such ability assure to add wet time be 6 0 second about, because be in of water immerse in the process malt expand, laden meeting changes as the change of dip wheat process. Its breakdown behaves commonly is:
Some enterprises are make complementary makings starch easier inside gelatinization boiler liquefacient, join in gelatinization boiler a few malt, enter in gelatinization boiler so makings finish await saccharification boiler to enter when makings, add one part still is withheld to add inside wet canister wet malt, this part is malt in add 1 0 stays inside wet canister minute above can happen expand. Enter in saccharification boiler expect when to switching on the mobile phone, be caused belt carry start, make electric machinery starting electric current too big, cause overload easily, use for a long time can cause gear-box exhaustion to damage, in-house weak point happens rupture, cause equipment accident thereby.
4) card lives: Because be in process of raw material processing etc of cleared Tie Shi, cotton rope is sundry not complete, enter add wet canister to cause add wet canister to turn wall of the canister outside Xie Yu gets stuck, because this must notice raw material is handled, carry raw material as far as possible clean.
2.Feed roller
Feed roller appears lesser commonly breakdown, the commonnest it is position of leather belt adjustment improper, rotate speed of general feed roller is 7 0 of ~ of 6 6 turns / minute, it is advisable to just hold off the half that inspect looking glass with stock.
3.Smash roller
Smash roller is the part with wet the most important disintegrator, its breakdown has commonly:
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