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QH-5 cuts blender by force to consider to design

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Zhao XiangxiongA, he YupengA, yuan ZhihuaA, kang XiangtaoB
(A of Henan agriculture college. Electromechanical project institute; B. Institute of herd cure project, zhengzhou 450002)

Summary: Administering pig flocks and herds and birds kind wait for excrement and urine to keep abreast of to environmental pollution of the country in the systematic project that one pace uses excrement and urine, need to undertake excrement and urine and additive mixture agitate. At present blender of domestic and international production does not apply to domestic animals to mix fecally, because domestic animals excrement and urine is medium fiber content is more, the excrement and urine such as flocks and herds is conglomerate form, in mix the rotor of requirement blender is had stronger cut capacity. For this, designed QH-5 strong cut blender, designed the main parameter such as principle, structure and specifications to have theoretical analysis and proof to its.
Keyword: Cultivate content learns; Domestic animals is fecal; Design; Mix; Cut

0 foreword
Development of our country stock raising is rapidder, the domestic animals excrement and urine such as pig flocks and herds is serious with each passing day to the pollution of rural environment, according to statistic an ox can excrete the excrement and urine of close 10t every year. The fleshy product that our country aquaculture offers, among them 85% it is broad medicinal powder raise door offer, many domestic animals excrement and urine accentuated environmental pollution. Try to use better for the peculiar smell of excrement and urine of eliminate domestic animals, need to add additive in domestic animals excrement and urine, mix agitate adequately next. Current, the blender of domestic and international production divides: Fall oneself type blender and forced blender. They do not apply to excrement and urine of mixture domestic animals, because domestic animals excrement and urine is medium fiber content is more, excrement and urine is conglomerate form more, the density of some excrement and urine, viscosity, hardness is bigger. In mixture process, in make stock tumbles, circumfluent, diffuse while, need is carried out to stock stronger cut, ability makes stock and additive are achieved mix adequately.
1 job principle
Cut blender by force main by mixing drum, rotor, main transfer machinery, into makings mouth, give makings mouth, additive to note the composition such as makings cup and bracket. When the machine works, additive expects through noting a cup of infuse, stock comes true below the action of rotor circumfluent, diffuse, roll and convection, get of paddle cut action, make inside shorter time stock mixes adequately. Mix after finishing, open bottom to give makings opening, paddle board of foundation of rotor lower end still has the effect that assists a makings.
2 structures are designed
2.1 rotor
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