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The classification of double platen blender

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Machine opening temper with fire namely what we say is double roll machine or refine glue machine. By heat means can be divided heat for report double roll machine and oil to heat double boil machine, its basically distinguish the precision that depends on temperature to differ, oil heats double roll machine comparing report to heat double boil machine can make platen surface temperature stabler more, definition is higher.

The speed that presses platen can be divided to decide fast with timing two kinds of means, calm fast the speed that is platen is changeless; And timing can be brought into play by oneself, timing can divide timing of the frequency modulation that it is sheet and double frequency control again, the rate that drab frequency timing points to a platen namely is decided, and can adjust through transducer the speed of another platen, but the speed ratio between them can change; The speed of two platen can pass that is to say of double frequency control transducer will adjust, speed ratio also is alterable.

These basically are decided in the light of requirement place of the client, and client choice is OK the material according to oneself and use what whether go to the lavatory and decide.

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