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The research of condition of movement of the stock inside cylinder blender

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He Yunhua Bai Minghua
(Environment of swallow hill university and chemical project institute)
The action of summary cylinder blender is to will match good compound to mix even, embellish is wet, make bead, make achieve class status the demand with moderate of even, moisture, good permeability. Mix to realize the constituent of agglomeration raw material even, obtain the optimal result that make bead, the article from the proceed with of stock motion curve inside blender, reach one mix up the 2 choice way that mix optimal parameter.
Motion curve of position of stock of keyword cylinder blender

1 preface
Mixture equipment is agglomeration miller wants one of facility, the setting is between burden equipment and agglomeration machine, offer the agglomeration compound that suits equably for agglomeration machine. What use extensively at present is cylinder blender, according to raw material property different, the mixture exercise cent of the sintering plant mixes for and mix 2 times. Mixing main purpose is to mix even with embellish wet; mixes 2 times except outside continueing to mix even, main purpose is to make bead, hand-in-hand travel connects vapour warm-up compound, make compound temperature is in above of dew point temperature, aggrandizement agglomeration process. As a result of the complexity that stock moves inside cylindrical shell, return so far so very good without a kind, accurate theory undertakes effectively guidance to the design of cylinder blender, bring about a design to be given priority to with experience more, so a lot of blender make a result not beautiful, achieve expectant result hard. Accordingly, seek first-rate to design parameter, it is now the outstanding problem that plant institute faces.
Process of movement of the stock inside blender of 2 cylinder is analysed
The stock ingredient inside blender is main by concentrate pink, anxious pink, return the composition such as mine, limestone, additive, stock is grain shape, bead diameter is between 0 ~ 5 Mm. To decide the appropriate job parameter of blender, must undertake an analysis to the motion curve of the stock inside cylindrical shell. Because stock movement condition is quite complex, to make the problem simplifies, according to the virtual campaign condition of stock, make following hypothesis: Huo disrelishs Gan of small house of Cai setting out falling into oblivion say slide relatively between layer of  ? stock dinky, when computation negligible not plan.
Stock is being made cast cylindrical shell is followed one case before shooting sport divide evenly fast roll, should divide separate out to be in only so cast those who shoot hour stock to accept power position, can reach stock throws the motion curve after shooting. Take most the stock of cylindrical shell of press close to regards research as the object, as a result of stock diameter and cylindrical shell effective diameter photograph is compared small much, can think stock and linear velocity of cylindrical shell wall are identical, of stock if the graph is shown 1 times,get power.
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