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The development of environmental protection feed and manufacturing technology

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Stock raising is the fundamental property that human Lai Yisheng is put and develops, but the pollution that stock raising causes to the environment nots allow to ignore however, the height that already caused world each country takes seriously. A lot of developed countries already established the standard that contaminant of cultivate birds aquaculture discharges, our country already also was made and carry out at beginning on January 1, 2003 " pollutant discharge standard of cultivate birds aquaculture " .

The origin of material of nutrition of birds of feed since cultivate, also be the main source that causes pollution of cultivate birds course of study. Development and promotion environmental protection feed is the efficient way that settles pollution of cultivate birds course of study, the country such as Holand, Denmark, Japan took the lead in beginning the work of this respect. Our country from Yang Sheng (1995) since the idea that advances zoology nutrition, a lot of experts undertook to the development of environmental protection feed a series of exploration. Alleged environmental protection feed, it is to point to won't cause animal produce social effects of pollution and the feed floorboard that reduce cultivate birds excrement and urine to be polluted to the environment, it asks to consider in the round " how from what the whole process to litter of make water of dung of cultivate birds eduction will change or control likelihood happening by ration a series of " , the whole process such as craft of treatment of design of recipe of the choose and buy from feedstuff and additive, feed, feed, treatment undertakes strict quality monitoring is mixed carry out cultivate birds in the round nutrient system adjusting control, utmost ground develops the manufacturing property of cultivate birds, the environmental pollution that stock raising production brings reduces lowermost limit, can last what realize stock raising development.

1 chooses high grade feedstuff

Feed is absorbed by cultivate birds inside body hind, all sorts of nutrition composition are digested completely impossibly to absorb, outside following style of eduction of excrement and urine without the composition that is digested to absorb. Cultivate birds is taller to the digestive rate of each composition, fecal medium content is less, lower to environmental pollution. Accordingly, high grade feedstuff is the premise that makes up environmental protection feed and foundation, the requirement is abounded without content of harm, free from contamination, nutriment and balanced, digestive rate is high. For example, protein content is 7 times higher than wheat, yield is high 4. The clove of 7 times, lysine is taller than common corn the corn of 88 % (in odd the 206 sheet in mixing 201) and the lupin of acid content of tall egg ammonia already applied via commercialization. The beans dregses of rice after flay, main nutrition index and digestive rate all prep above takes Pi Dou to dregs of rice (Xiong Yi is strong, 1998) , it is the good raw material of high-grade environmental protection feed.
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