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Blender classifies the introduction

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Commonly used blender instrument cent is gas and blender of low viscosity liquid, medium tall viscosity liquid and cream account other people mixes mechanical, thermoplastic stock blender, farinaceous fetters with blender of graininess solid stock 4 kinds big.
Gas and the characteristic that blender of low viscosity liquid fetterses are a structure simple, and without rotational component, safeguard the overhaul the amount is small, specific power consumption is low. Instrument divides this kind of blender to mix for air current agitate, conduit again, efflux mixes and mix compulsively circularly wait for 4 kinds.

Liquid of medium, tall viscosity and cream the blender of account other people fetterses, have commonly cut action by force; Thermoplastic stock blender basically is used at thermoplastic stock (if balata is mixed plastic) mix with additive; Blender of stock of farinaceous, graininess solid fetterses to be intermittent operation more, also include to hold concurrently mix the machinery with abrade action, be like round of Zhan machine to wait. The requirement when mixing is all participate in compound stock to distributing equably. Compound rate cent mixes for ideal, mix randomly and complete not interblend 3 kinds of condition. All sorts of stock are blending the mixture rate in machinery, depend on need condition of the scale that mixes stock, physics and character, and the element such as the type that uses mixture machine and the time that mixture operation lasts.

Liquid mixes to basically lean mechanical agitator, air current and wait for mix liquid efflux to wait, make wait for mix stock to be churned, mix in order to achieve equably. Churn cause partial liquid flow, liquid of going from place to place drives the liquid all round its again, the result is in dissolve implement inside form circular current, between the liquid that produces from this diffuse call main body convection to diffuse. Should churn when the liquid flow rate that cause is very high, in high speed current and all round appear on the interface between low speed current cut action, produce many local sex eddy thereby. These eddy are rapid to all around diffuse, in coiling more liquids into eddy again, come, the disorder convection that forms inside little scope diffuses call eddy current to diffuse.

When the athletic component of mechanical agitator is rotating, also can arise to the liquid cut action, the liquid is flowing classics implement wall and installation are when all sorts of fixed component inside container, also want to be cut action, these cut action to be able to cause a lot of local backset diffuse. The main body convection that agitate causes diffuses with eddy current, the watch area that raised the element between different liquid to diffuse decreased to diffuse distance, shortened thereby the time that the element diffuses. If wait for,mix liquid viscosity not tall, random compound status can be achieved inside not long agitate time; If viscosity is taller, need longer mixture time. Different to density, composition, each other not Xiang Rong's liquid, agitate arises cut action and intense rapid to move density big liquid is lacerate become small droplet and make its disperse equably advocate in the liquid. The liquid flow rate that agitate produces must be more than the settling speed of droplet. A few indiscerptible are farinaceous solid and liquid blender manage, differ with density composition, each other not liquid mixture mechanism of Xiang Rong is same, it is agitate only the granuality of unalterable farinaceous solid. Be like grain of the solid before mixing to cannot make its settling speed is less than liquid flow rate, why to no matter use,plant agitate means form do not become even suspension liquid.
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