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Mechanical alloy changes preparation powder material to have good applied prospe

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Mechanical alloy is changed (MechanicalAlloying, abbreviation MA) is one kind makes the milling technology that takes the alloyed powder end that have a balance or is not a balance to be comprised or compound powder from elemental powder. It is to be in high-energy ball mill, through pulverous grain between, pulverous grain and grind a ball between happen for long very intense abrade, pulverous by broken and tear off, forms new student surface is mutual cold welding and progressively alloy is changed, its process undertakes repeatedly, achieve the goal that mechanical alloy changes finally.

Mechanical alloy is changed is the person such as Benjamin of company of American international nickel at 20 centuries 60 time evening develops, basically use at what preparation has effect of precipitation sclerosis and oxide dispersion sclerosis at the same time at that time nickel radical and Tie Jichao alloy. 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, american scientist Koch and its work in the same placing use mechanical alloy to change a method to obtain Ni60Nb40 successfully to be not brilliant powder, after this, this method gets developing quickly. After W.Schlum and H.Grewe study through many experiment, change a method at putting forward mechanical alloy 1988 can crystal of preparation accept rice. Later
Fecht change class of rice of cashier of preparation of methodological success ground to exceed fine brilliant alloy with mechanical alloy, initiated mechanical alloy to change technical new field. Now, mechanical alloy changes a method to apply successfully at class of preparation accept rice to exceed material of aggrandizement of fine brilliant dispersion, magnetic material, superconductive material, blame brilliant material, Na Mijing material, light metal Gao Bijiang material and supersaturation dispersion solid solution. The developed country such as the United States, Germany, Japan throws much labor power, material resources and financial capacity in succession, did much research work, obtained remarkable positive result, had realized industrialized production. The mechanical alloy that American INCO company had built alloy of aggrandizement of dispersion of oxide of iron, nickel, aluminium radical turns product line, productivity amounts to 350t/ year. Our country mechanical alloy changes research to work to begin from 1988, will more than 10 years already obtained very striking progress.

Mechanical alloy is changed
1 fundamental
1988, new Gong Xiufu of Japan put forward to press delay and relapse fold model. When should pressing next rate to be 1/a, classics N second pressure after delaying, its ply turns into by original D0 namely D, and D=d0(1/a) . If use mechanical alloy law to mix the powder of two kinds of elements,press delay 10 times and set 1/a ≈ 31 6296, pulverous granuality can be decreased thin to its 1/100000 of original ply, form very tiny double deck jackknife, pulverous classics is more second the imperceptible organization construction that controls Yan Keda to accept rice class. Accordingly, mechanical alloy changes a law to make powder produces alloy possibly also below solid state to change. 1990, did Atzmon put forward another kind of mechanical alloy to change a principle again? Mechanical induction spreads oneself reaction mechanism namely the compound between the metal is not the process with grown nucleus of a form, erupt suddenly however form. The ignition that because burn to spread oneself,reacts temperature and pulverous grain and grain dimension are concerned, ignite temperature to reduce and be reduced along with pulverous grain or grain dimension. Reduce fixed rate when pulverous grain or grain, the local high temperature that the ball grinds the mechanical collision in the process to arise is OK " ignite " pulverous, expression is formed to erupt suddenly of alloy.
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