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Corbel of axis of pottery and porcelain expects

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Material of bearing of new-style pottery and porcelain includes nitrogen to change silicon pottery and porcelain, zirconia pottery and porcelain, nitrogen to turn the material of project pottery and porcelain such as boracic pottery and porcelain.
① nitrogen changes silicon pottery and porcelain (Si3N4) : Production high speed or high temperature, anti-corrosive ball of bearing of accurate pottery and porcelain or roller.
② zirconia pottery and porcelain (ZrO2) : Production high temperature, anti-corrosive in ball of bearing of low speed pottery and porcelain or scroll child.
③ nitrogen changes boracic pottery and porcelain (BN) : Production high temperature, anti-corrosive, self-lubricating bearing of complete pottery and porcelain.
Function of material of project pottery and porcelain and bearing steel (the comparison of GCr15) function
Project / nitrogen changes silicon zirconia nitrogen converts boracic bearing steel
Material Si3N4 ZrO2 BN GCr15
Density (G/cm3) 3.2 5.8~6.05 1.8~2.19 7.85
Hardness (2 700 of Mohs of HV) 1700(9) 1300(7)
Bending strength (MPa) 700 1200 600~800 2400
Rupture tenacity (MPa · M1/2) 6~8 7~14 25
Stretch model is measured (GPa) 320 150~220 80 208
Hot coefficient of expansion (10-6/K) 3.2 8.7~11.4 2~7.5 11.8
Resistor is led (Ω · Mm2/m) 1017~1018 1010 1016 10-1~1
Use temperature (℃ ) 800 800 900 300
Dimension stability is good good good difference
Corrosion resistance can be good good good difference
2, nitrogen turns material of silicon pottery and porcelain
Its characteristic is:
Material of ① much brilliant, crystal structure belongs to 6 brilliant department.
② nitrogen changes exterior of silicon pottery and porcelain to present ashen, blue ash, grey black.
③ theoretical density: 3.19 ± 0.1g/cm3, density is low.
④ tall hardness, good wearability, low grind coefficient (deserve to grind 0.02~0.07) oneself, self-lubricating the gender is good.
⑤ is high temperature resistant, heatproof shake sex is better.
⑥ is had taller rupture tenacity, anti-impact properties is better.
⑦ corrosion resistance is good, ability is all acerbity (beyond acid of fluorine of removal of hydrogen embrittlement) corrode, can fight weak base to corrode, not stable to most alkali and frit salt.
The osculatory exhaustion life of ⑧ and bearing steel close, similar fatigue flakes form.
⑨ nitrogen turns silicon powder performance:
M of granuality 0.5~0.8 μ , low matter content and 2wt% of oxygen content < , 90wt% of > of α appearance content.
⑩ nitrogen changes silicon powder to produce a method:
Direct nitrogen turns noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of A, silicon Si3N4 of → of law 3Si 2N2
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