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Hi-tech gun gets technology of series cutting tool and application

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Get those who cut hole depth and aperture commonly than be more than the aperture of 10, be called deep Kong Zuan is cut. Because long way is older, use general twist drill to get when cutting, platoon bits, cooling, lubricate and direct became the problem that solves hard, the quality requirement of aperture is very inaccessible also. German cobalt leads market of cutting tool limited company gun getting makes the major of field of the rich experience that hundred years major produces aperture to machine cutting tool and labor of more than 20 years of deep Kong Jia for the foundation, development goes to have deep Kong Jia to be versed in the domain precedes technical gun gets series cutting tool below: Gun of hard alloy of whole of EB100 Chan Ren gets: Size range of pipe bent: Ф 1.2-5.0mm, the biggest chamfer grows 300mm, apply to all material treatment almost. Gun of head of hard alloy knife gets solder of EB80 Chan Ren: Size range of pipe bent: Ф 2-40mm, overall length is the biggest amount to 3000mm, apply to all material treatment almost. Gun of head of hard alloy knife gets solder of ZB80 Shuang Ren: Size range of pipe bent: Ф 6-27mm, overall length is the biggest amount to 1000mm, apply to cast-iron, aluminium and short scrap the treatment of metalloid material.
One, when the working principle gun that the gun gets gets the job, cooling fluid is cooled through circulating by high-pressured pump interior of systematic classics drill pipe sends cutting part, with refrigeration and lubricant cutting tool, rely on the pressure of cooling fluid to will cut bits to go up from the wall of aperture and drill pipe again " V " model groovy eduction. When the job, gun getting can be driven by machine tool main shaft rotate treatment, also but gun getting is secured and workpiece rotates, the form that the opening that give processes when workpiece rotates tolerancepublic errand is better.
2, the structural gun that the gun gets is gotten by get pointed, drill pipe and knife handle 3 parts composition. Getting awl tip is gun getting partly most substantial, it is loading important getting to cut the job, be machined to assure the precision of aperture, in its circumferential part the design has oriented piece, its are in the guiding of oriented aperture the next time the aperture that feed can machine a high accuracy. The configuration that get a tip has a variety of types to be able to be offerred according to different treatment condition choose. The material that get a tip uses cobalt to get company oneself to study the high quality DK460UF of development exceeds fine grain hard alloy, besmear with TiN, FIRE or MolyGlide coating, have very tall hardness and tenacity, raised what the gun gets to get greatly cut function and service life. Drill pipe drill pipe is shown normally " V " model structural design, external diameter is less than slightly get a tip, below the premise of the intensity that makes sure drill pipe is enough and stiffness, the cooling fluid aperture of drill pipe and platoon bits space are accomplished as far as possible the biggest, with benefit at getting the refrigeration of pointed part, lubricate and discharge bits. EB100 series drill pipe is used grind with hard alloy of the unifinication that get a tip make and become. Drill pipe of series of EB80, ZB80 uses rolling of seamless steel tube of high order and degree and into. Knife handle part basically uses knife handle to transfer power. Cobalt gets a company to be able to offer 13 kinds big, gross the standard knife handle of 42 kinds of norms chooses for the client, can carry on those who be not mark knife handle is custom-built.
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