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The application of bag type dust catcher in cement industry and development

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In recent years, the development speed of cement industry is breathtaking, total output of our country cement predicted to will achieve 1.4 billion tons 2007. While cement industry grows, the country also makes great efforts in respect of energy-saving environmental protection. In the past, the dust of industry of our country cement, soot year discharge capacity is as high as 12 million tons of above, establish kiln cement especially, manufacturing technology is relatively backward, waste of source of as a way of, high-energy bad news, tall pollution is cost, the dust discharge capacity that establishs kiln occupies the 90% above of discharge capacity of cement industry dust, 3.5% what quantity of dust be lost holds total output, those who give environmental protection and resource, the sources of energy is reasonable use reach can develop continuously, bring enormous pressure. For this, our country is determined to wash out mud of urine establishing kiln, have cement industry structural adjustment, "Go up big make down " . Nowadays, cement industry undertakes structural adjustment, pollution is administered, had obtained better positive result, dust discharge capacity also has bigger underground to fall, but dust of cement industry control, soot is polluted still shoulder heavy responsibilities.

The dirt source drop that bag type dust catcher produces a business in the applied cement of cement industry is very much, crusher, grind machine, efficient the copy of top of storehouse of the machine that choose pink, conveyer belt, makings, library, library, system that pack, dryer, drying is ground, coal is ground, cooling machine, establish rotary kiln and kiln, kiln to grind machine of an organic whole to wait, produce many dust and soot. In the past, cement produces a business remove dust equipment applies at cement product line, either it is a purpose with environmental protection, stem from however collect stock, fall the purpose of labor protection of low consumption, managing cost, give attention to two or morethings. Use at that time remove dust equipment, outside using electric dust catcher except end of a few rotary kiln kiln, cement produces each dirt source dots to be given priority to with tornado dust catcher, expansion chamber, still use a few wet dust catcher and grain layer dust catcher. These dust catcher remove dust efficiency is low, plus production craft and equipment lag behind, 7% what cause quantity of be lost of cement industry dust to hold cement total output. Our country in 20 centuries 70 time begin to use the dust catcher of pulse bag type that compresses air clear ash and dust catcher of type of backflushing wind bag. Because difference of quality of pulse a powerful person, breed is little at that time, trouble is much, the sort that filter expects difference of little, function, life is brief, bag type dust catcher gets in the application of cement industry very big limitation. 80 time later period, our country introduces the United States the bag type dust catcher such as wind of backflushing of room of the gas box pulse of rich happy company, large fraction, rich happy stand-alone. Absorb through assimilation of a few years, company of our country cement is accepted gradually and use bag type dust catcher. Meanwhile, project technology personnel of home develops innovation, research and development establish kiln, dryer dust catcher of special bag type and coal grind bag of type to collect dust implement. Of these bag type dust catcher remove dust efficiency is very tall, be in basically 99.9% above, the dirt source dot that makes cement produces a business discharges chroma to fall 100mg/Nm3 is the following, the proportion that quantity of be lost of cement industry dust holds cement total output drops 3.5% the left and right sides. 90 time, type of our country bag removes dust the industry already finished type of rich to the United States happy bag to remove dust of the technology change the job, made be revised not less and be perfected on this foundation. Him home develops establish dust catcher of type of bag of fine of kiln, dryer Bo and coal to grind bag of type to collect dust implement mature with each passing day, stable, application is wider and wider. The bag type dust catcher that grows bag of low-pressure pulse dust catcher and other pulse gush to blow is in cement industry all sorts of grinding machine, establish kiln, rotary kiln to go up to also popularize application gradually.
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