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Kaolin chooses mine technology

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1 preface

Kaolin is the floorboard of gens clay mineral, its are comprised basically for kaolinite group and much water kaolinite group, basically comprise by kaolinite, Ailuoshi, content can amount to 90% above, still have Shui Yun's parent next, often mix have titanium of pyrite, limonite, acute mine, quartz, chalcedony, aluminous etc, still have sometimes a few organic qualitative. Kaolin has sex of plasticity, caking property, agglomeration and fireproof sex to wait for good craft character, be applied extensively at so pottery and porcelain, papermaking, balata, plastic wait for industry with fireproof material. The genetic type of kaolin bed basically has 3 kinds: Decency, deposit change with hot fluid corrode model.

The treatment craft of kaolin raw ore depends on the final utility of the property of raw ore and product. The technology that uses in industrial production has two kinds: ひ of evil spirit ü dips in ひ of fade  ü blinks Bi of Cang Shi of  ǔ S to set out collect take along sth to sb is enzymatic  of  of ㄉ of  of Meng of take along sth to sb of collect of Bi of arrow of anchor of  of  of  of evil spirit ㄉ setting out

2 dry methods choose mine technology

Dry method craft is the treatment craft of a kind of simple economy. Collect the raw ore that go out to break through hammer type crusher to 25.4mm hind, give basket type crusher, make granuality reduces 6.35mm, the hot air inside basket type crusher divides the water of kaolin by collect go out 20% fall to 10% the left and right sides. The ore after breaking blows the Ramon that enrage type to grind farther mill via matching those who have centrifuge and tornado dust catcher [2] . This craft but eliminate of will major arenaceous stone, the product is used at normally balata, plastic the low filling that reachs papermaking industry. Use at papermaking industry, this product can is less than as content of filling layer ash content 10% or the filling of 12% place, the brightness demand of the product is not right now high.

Wait to the whiteness of the product when dry method when the demand is higher, must grind yielding product to undertake type divides iron working to Ramon. The advantage of dry method craft is to be able to omit product dehydrate and dry do a process, reduce grey pink prediction of a person's luck in a given year, technological process is short, manufacturing cost is low, mix at drought aptly the area that lack water. But good still must lean to high pure and high grade kaolin wet craft.

3 wet mineral separation craft

Wet craft includes treatment of ore preparation, mineral separation and product to treat 3 stage. Preparative phase includes burden, broken and pound the exercise such as the oar. Pounding an oar is kaolin raw ore and water, will dispersive agent mix to make a starch inside the machine that pound an oar, the exercise that pound an oar can make raw ore dispersive, fasten the kaolin ore pulp with exercise proper and fineness preparation to choose, and take out is big at the same time arenaceous stone. Mineral separation phase may include hydraulic classification, floatation, alternative garrulous coagulates, magnetic separation, chemical processing (blanch) wait for exercise, with the impurity with different eliminate. Ready ore pulp washs chamfer of box, float via making type smooth with a rake first grader or come back stream implement except arenaceous, use next continuous centrifugal, hydraulic come back stream implement, hydraulic and grading implement or oscillatory sieve (325 eye) its cent is degree of finish two bead class. The granule class of grader sends HGMS(plane of tall gradient magnetic separation) impurity of eliminate iron titanium, product classics agitate is swabbed ferric oxide soak undertakes after coming off, enough already to brightness tall the clay that has good coating property can be not mixed via magnetic separation come off and send to soak exercise directly. After soak, add in ore pulp aluminous make clay mineral is condensed and facilitate dehydration. Blanched clay uses high speed centrifugal, rotate type vacuum filtraction machine or filter press dehydrate. Filter or filter press dehydrate. Filter cake classics becomes 55% ~ dispersedly again the ore pulp of 65% solid, next sparge is dry those who make Cheng Song come loose is dry article. The part is dry 70% solid body are made in tasting the ore pulp that is arrived to disperse by interfuse, use a boat to carry to the paper mill.
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