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The character of material of rice of rare earth accept reachs application

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1 foreword
Structure of rare-earth element atom is special, lining 4 f orbit is not didymous the electron is much, atomic energy level of tall, electron abounds magnetic moment extremely, can produce reaction with all elements almost, form multivalent condition, much match digit (3 ~ 12) compound, have the character such as a lot of exceedingly good light, report, magnetism, nucleus [1] , be called " the vitamin of modern industry " and magical " new material treasury " .
Accept rice material is the monocrystal that shows grain dimension is less than 100 n m or polycrystal, because grain is petty, make the atomicity on its crystal boundary of over grain interior, produce high concentration crystal boundary namely, make accept rice material has a lot of is different from consequently general the function of material of thick any crystalline substance, if intensity and hardness increase, quantity of low density, low stretch standard, tall resistor, low thermal conductance. Accept rice technology is the science and technology that makes material with individual atom, element, and the sort that exists to material on administrative levels of individual atom, element, amount and structural configuration have accurate observation, identify study with pilot and apply [2] . Small size effect, surface effect, quanta dimension effect and effect of macroscopical quanta channel make accept rice material is in the character that the respect such as smooth, report, magnetism also shows a lot of groovy material to be not had. Character of rare territory of collection of data of rice of rare earth accept and accept rice character at an organic whole, inevitable meeting achieves a blame the good character that material of rice of rare earth accept and place of stuff of rice of accept of rare earth blame do not have. The new-style material that at present accept rice technology and union of rare earth photograph form basically has material of medicine of material of pottery and porcelain of rice of rare earth accept, activator, magnetically hard material, glow, environmental protection material, biology to wait. These new-style material are sure to produce main effect in the domain such as science of information, life [3-4] .
The application of material of rice of accept of 2 rare earth
Material of pottery and porcelain of rice of accept of 2 1 rare earth
Pottery and porcelain is the stuff that has long history, the characteristic of material of pottery and porcelain is tall, intensity mixes hardness high corrosion resistance is good, although be in,high temperature falls such also. Rare earth oxide applies mediumly in careful pottery and porcelain, the agglomeration sex that basically improve pottery and porcelain as additive, send density, microstructure to wait. The 2 O of Y of class of use accept rice 3, 2 O of N d 3, 2 O of L a 3, 2 O of S m the 3 electronic pottery and porcelain that wait for preparation (the) such as electronic sensor, capacitor, electric function, hot property and stability got a lot of improvement, it is the important facet that electronic material upgrades. Be based on accept rice particle way is small, older than the surface have diffuse high the characteristic of rate, 2 O of Y of the rice that use offer 3 with Z r O 2 zirconia pottery and porcelain can be become in the agglomeration below inferior temperature, have very high intensity and tenacity, use at bearing, cutting tool and wear-resisting spare parts to wait. 2 O of d of N of the rice that use offer 3, 2 O of S m 3 wait those who make is multilayer parts of an apparatus of capacitance, microwave, function rises greatly. The engine that will compare existing alloy data with the working temperature of the engine of make it of pottery and porcelain of rice of rare earth accept raises 200 ~ 300 ℃ , thermal efficiency raises 20 ~ 30% the left and right sides.
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