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Equipment of Russia international oil, natural gas will reach technical industry

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Equipment of Russia international oil, natural gas will reach technical industry exhibition in June 2010 Exhibit meeting name: Equipment of Russia international oil, natural gas will reach technical industry exhibition in June 2010 Exhibit meeting site: Russia Moscow extends meeting time: 2010-6-23 sponsors an unit to 2010-6-27: Famous ZAO exhibits Russia the company undertakes unit: Hu Yanan 13651132520 exhibits meeting content: Equipment of Russia international oil, natural gas will reach 13th International Exhibition Equipment And Technologies For Oil And Gas Industry (NEFTEGAS` 2010) of technical industry exhibition in June 2010 one, exhibition time: On June 23, 2010 - 27 days (exhibition period 5 days) (biennially, current it is the 13rd) 2, exhibition place: Russia Moscow Expocentr 3, content of item on display: ▲ world-famous oil, natural gas company; ▲ mechanical equipment: Wildcat, drill, solder, oilcan equipment, case heavy, hoisting, litre fall, heat preservation, refrigeration, ventilated, remote control is monitored, maintenance, maintain wait for equipment; Dynamo, cheer machine of machine, turbine machine, turbine, turbine, impeller to wait for machinery; Equipment of valve, pump, compressor, fan, empty cent, vacuum equipment, jack, boiler, forge, pressure vessel, power supply of product of explosion proof of cooling machine, flange, conduit, tube and its link unit, industry, industry, dynamoelectric and deferent device reachs his to assemble, reach the ▲ instrument appearance such as equipment of all sorts of form a complete set and chemical machinery: Inductor of transformer, stabilizer, logger, filter, temperature, measure the ▲ technology service such as metric instrument, screen pack, screen mesh: Survey, mapping, abstraction, extract, purificatory, detached, liquefacient, solder, pressure is delivered detect, quality detects, contaminative control defends, the technology such as control of discharge velocity of flow; Computer data manages; Oil depot project, electric project, project is advisory; Safe, call the police, affection of critical stop work, danger protection of circuitry of control, operation process control, conduit, fire control calls the police the system such as safety of equipment, industry and labor protecting material, experiment and imitate. ▲ other: Product of all oil, petrifaction, natural gas; Artesian well platform, steely framework; Insulating material; Indicator material. 4, extend meeting scope (previous term or session: 2008, the 12nd) : Area: 21, the 715 ginseng that make the same score rice postpone business: 944 (come from 35 many nations of world, foreign enterprise occupied the person that 50%) looks around: 32, 000 people 5, sign up end: Exhibit finite, join please exhibit an enterprise to sign up as early as possible. 6, exhibition brief introduction: This exhibition by Russia company of famous ZAO exhibition is sponsorred, since establishing 1986, dimensions expands increasingly, it is Russia and far east area the oil of the the biggest, most influential force, natural gas and petrifaction equipment exhibition, natural resources of Russia oil gas is very substantial. Its oil and natural gas industry comparative develop, it is the principal property of Russia homeland. Of the large-scale construction of project of the large oil of Russia area, natural gas and the manufacturing device that using safeguard with update regularly, produce an enterprise to export Russia market to create to Chinese oil, natural gas and petrifaction equipment but superexcellent chance; Senior personage points out domestic oil industry, the level of equipment of our country oil and technology get used to Russia market, enter Russia market, the commerce perspective that enlarges market share steadily is very wide. This is exhibited can collect numerous international the major that excellent equipment supplier is attracting each oil to produce a country buys the home. This is exhibited can be company of Russia ZAO exhibition is sponsorred, my company is to exhibit the full-fledged member that can sponsor the China that just appoints and Asia-Pacific area to popularize a representative, be in charge of this postponing the domestic flutter job of the meeting. Exhibit finite, ask as soon as possible to sign up. Support media: Www.pvw.cn Www.pvindex.com contact: Phone of Hu Yanan: 13651132520 010-59693239 fax: 010-59693073 mailbox: Tianshi20060723@163.com network address: Www.dongfangruiji.com.cn address: Beijing faces south Ou Anqu road Shang Fuzhong heart of international of 21 Xin Jinhai 2 buildings 706 rooms postcode: 2008-2009 of limited company of exhibition of international of auspicious of 100114 Beijing Oriental acute year form a delegation attend international exhibition to plan international oil gas kind exhibition: 2008: On September 15, 2008 - fair of trade of oil of 18 days of Brazil international, natural gas on October 28, 2008 - chief of a tribe of couplet of 30 days of the 15th A (enlighten do obeisance to) international oil, natural gas and petrifaction technology exhibition on October 28, 2008 - technology of water of international of 31 days of Iran and equipment exhibition (IWE) 2008 year on November 15 - world of 19 days of Africa, natural gas exhibition (NOG) on March 25, 2009 - 27 days of Italy (Mediterranean) international oil, natural gas exhibition and conference on April 20, 2009 - oil of international of 24 days of Iran, natural gas and petrifaction exhibition (IOGPE) 2009 year on April 30 - Turkey international major will burn gas on May 3 (LPG, CNG) (car) , exhibition of equipment of technology of station of car air entrainment on May 4, 2009 - exhibition of oil of international of 7 days of United States, natural gas (OTC) on May 12, 2009 - 14 days of Egypt oil of the 5th international, natural gas exhibition and conference on May 16, 2009 - oil of international of 19 days of Pakistan, exhibition of new energy resources of natural gas and power (POGEE) 2009 year on May 19 - 21 days of England international can last energy technology and equipment trade fair on May 25, 2009 - technology of natural gas of 28 days of international and equipment are exhibited (GASTECH) Abuzabi 2009 year on March 30 - technology of German international water will be mixed on April 3 equipment, 3 years) cloth friendship Nuo Siai Lisiagenting 2010: On June 23, 2010 - equipment of oil of international of 27 days of Russia, natural gas and technical industry exhibition on April 7, 2010 - oil of international of 10 days of Syria, natural gas exhibition (SYROIL2010) international major conduit kind exhibition: On January 29, 2009 - facilities of pipeline of underground of major of international of 31 days of the 15th United States and construction exhibition (UCT) 2009 year on March 5 - major of international of 8 days of the 5th Turkey provides material, pipe fitting and fittings exhibition (BORU) on April 15, 2009 - exhibition of conduit of international of major of 17 days of the 8th Russia (construction of international major cop, steel tube, conduit machinery equipment, fluid machinery, safeguard detect reach cop to carry exhibition) international major pump, a powerful person, compressor reachs fittings exhibition: On October 21, 2008 - pump of international of 24 days of Russia, a powerful person, compressor and fittings exhibition (PCVEXPO) Rui Jiguo border exhibits Beijing east limited company
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