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Exhibition of machinery of fluid of international of Chengdu of the 2nd 2009 Chi

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The ginseng that 2. ginseng exhibits an unit exhibits dimensions in 4 standards (or clearing 36 square metre) above, but preferential arrangement is important the position, sign up first, pay first, arrange first;
3. is about to join the unit of current exhibition, sign up as soon as possible please, provide the concerned data such as company or product introduction, sponsor an unit to will be published " visiting guideline " the clique gives each district professional user, purchase business, morning paper name is early indebted;
After 4. exhibits business remit ginseng to exhibit expense, so that check,fax bank money order bill the organizing committee please, bill sends after receiving sum ginseng to exhibit expense ginseng postpone business or open during the exhibition;
5.About report for duty, cloth is exhibited, item on display is carried, the meeting Wu matters concerned such as accommodation, sponsor an unit to be before March 1, 2009 to ginseng exhibit an unit to send " consult directory of the service that postpone business " reach other congress data.
◎ ginseng exhibits expense:
◆ is exhibited charge
Exhibit a norms home to postpone business abroad postpones business
The standard is exhibited (3M × 3M) RMB 5800 yuan / dollar 2000 yuan /
Interior open space is exhibited (36m2 rises hire) RMB 600 yuan / square metre 200 dollars / square metre
Note: A. Every standard exhibits deploy freely: Negotiate desk a piece, chair two, shoot the light electrical outlet of less than of bear of two small cup, 500W/10A, the lintel that the coronal has unit name board together; B. Clearing exhibits: Do not offer any configuration, the proper motion that postpone business is in charge of exhibiting build what decorate and exhibit meeting site all sorts of charge;
◆ technology communication is met (every are restricted 60 minutes, the theme decides oneself) : RMB 5800 yuan / field
◎ " proceedings of a conferences " with other spot advertisement ask forring orders:
Proceedings of a conferences (140mm of norms 210mm × ) presswork 8000, assemble join the basic message that postpones business, except distribute on exhibition ginseng exhibit business to reach present visiting unit, meeting hind still will send the major that did not look around to buy the home. Price knowing publication is as follows:
The page inside color: 3800 yuan / edition is black and white inside page: 1500 yuan / edition cover: 15000 yuan of back cover: 10000 yuan
Inside front cover, title page advertisement of 5000 yuan of characters: 500 yuan / edition balloon advertisement 2000 yuan / entrance ticket 30 thousand pieces: 6000 yuan
Square rainbow advertisement: 8000 yuan / (span 15 meters) audience tag is exclusive advertisement (8000) ; 5000 yuan
◎ contacts a method:
Address: The Chengdu City strokes musical instrument on the west A of 181 7 buildings
Phone: 028-68168941 68168944
Fax: 028-68168944
Mailbox: 68168911@vip.163.com
Contact: Tan as man of virtual and ability
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