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Exhibition of machinery of fluid of international of Chengdu of the 2nd 2009 Chi

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◎ exhibits program arrangement:
Cloth extends time: March 2009 25, 26 days (9:00, 18:00, defer of the last day comes 21:00)
Show time: In March 2009 27, 29 days (9:00, 16:30, midday nonstop)
Remove extend time: On March 29, 2008 (afternoon 15:00)
Limits of ◎ item on display:
Pump, valve, conduit, fan, compressor, filter to wait for technology of fluid machinery major and product with separate facility, vacuum equipment, dryer; Decrease fittings of gearshift machine, bearing, sealed, conduit, electric equipment, instrument appearance and accuse to wait for form a complete set oneself technology of product and technology, whole set equips; Project / equipment is safeguarded / clean, experiment, detect project of equipment, air, drive / transmission, heat exchange / detached / agitate / compress, and the flow control solution that faces the industry such as petro-chemical, food, pharmacy, environmental protection, electric power, metallurgy, water treatment.
◎ popularizes an object:
Petrifaction, oil refining, chemical industry, the sources of energy, electric power, make oar, papermaking, pharmacy, food, beverage, brew, light industrial, building materials, mining, metallurgy, environmental protection, water treatment, industrial equipment, Electromechanical installs a project, oil, natural gas long be defeated by cop project, project of city building, water supply, air feed, heat addition, sewage disposal, catchment of building, water supply, warm company of business of the concerned personage that opens the trade such as project of air conditioning, fire control, installation burning gas and agency, agent, trafficker, production, imports and exports, international trade company buy the home.
◎ extends meeting service:
1. exhibits business freely to offer exhibition entrance ticket to join (or invitation) , so that invite a client to visit an exhibition;
2. spy outfit exhibits a design, make, outfit build or help connection show engineering company;
3. expert spot seeks advice, exhibit rental, with field service and the exhibition period such as report fixed cleanness reachs 24 hours to guard;
4. holds product of seminar of fluid machine technology, company to recommend meeting and technical forum;
Room of 5. connection hotel, travel and order a ticket to wait;
6. exhibits an enterprise freely on proceedings of a conferences to publish the company brief introduction of 300 words less than or product introduction to join;
7. gathers the market demand information of fluid machinery domain, feedback in time to join exhibit an unit, assist ginseng exhibit an unit to popularize propagandist promotion;
◎ ginseng extends method and requirement:
1. is pressed ginseng exhibit contract book format to ask to fill good form fax to come congress organizing committee, the organizing committee is answered spread the go into effect after exhibiting a confirmation. Hand in in a week after the unit that application ginseng exhibits is signing up 50% exhibit book gold or all ginseng to exhibit cost, sponsor what the unit does not assure to already affirmed to exhibit otherwise, beard of the others charge is paid before Feburary 1, 2009;
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