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Gear of 2009ME Guangzhou international and decelerate machine exhibition

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Machine tool: Machine tool of Shenyang machine tool, Ningxia small giant, Guilin, much arris, Han Chuan, Ning Jiang, vast number; Hill spy dimension overcomes German dust mark, Sweden; Italian Bocca, japan sends that division; American ACL group; Korea Hankook...
Machinery makes: Treasure steel, Lai steel, wide heavy, wide steel, beautiful steel, time couplet of Yu abundant abundant, Guangzhou Shuang Ling of numerous, Guangzhou, Liuzhou is steely...
Home appliance makes: Below the pine, TCL, beautiful, grand of division force, division, Hua Ling, benefit and riverside, Ge Lanshi, 10 thousand happy, 10 thousand treasure, Kang Jia...
Shipping makes: In shipbuilding of international of boat, wide boat, Wen Chong, Huang Bu, Ying Hui, southern, Zhuhai, time Yu shipbuilding, Zhongshan shipbuilding...
★ bend invites professional audience:
At the appointed time, the whole nation and even global car / autocycle, current mechanism, project machine, mechanical foundation, of the industry such as machinery of commerce, spin, agriculture, metallurgy, iron and steel, mine, food, building, mining, military affairs, electron, petro-chemical, shipping, spaceflight, government and research unit, it is gear and the time that reduce business of gearshift machine industry to be centered highly inaccessibly, this pair of gear and decrease business of gearshift machine industry to contact potential client, extend the whole nation and even global sale channel, show the brand image, admirable opportunity that communicates with the person of the same trade and location.
Wonderful confused shows ★ sessional activity:
1, gear of international, home and decrease spot of gearshift machine user to look around, communication, collaboration, purchase an activity;
2, international, home purchases trade trade to negotiate meeting;
3, ; of news briefing of new product of expert forum and company
★ shows content:
The positive drive component of car, project, agriculture machinery, autocycle reachs a part; Gear of machine tool gear, spin plane gear, diesel engine complete set, car gear, synchronized gear gear of stiff dough of all sorts of forging, high accuracy; Cycloidal needle annulus machine of decelerate machine, mechanical infinitely variable speeds, worm wheel / machine of worm decelerate machine, push rod decelerate, hard / machine of decelerate of machine of decelerate of bearing of machine of gearshift of machine of decelerate of gear of machine of helical gear decelerate, helix, columnar decelerate machine, chain, gearshift, gearshift bearing, planet; Electric machinery of gear decelerate electric machinery, frequency conversion gearshift; Linear report / servo report / machine of cut of forming machine of cut of electromotor of electromagnetism apply the brake, electromagnetism timing electromotor, resistor, capacitance; Final drive of car transmission, transfer case, power takeoff, drive axle, annulus edge reducer; Shaft coupling, reducer, mechanical infinitely variable speeds implement, change quadrature implement, chain of frame of transducer gear-box, decelerate, infinitely variable speeds, motorized pulley, dynamoelectric roll a club, roll a club without motivation; Transmission is apart from accurate roller chain, transmission pass mark to carry with pipe nipple use abnormity of catenary of form of catenary of turn board roller chain, gear, dish, special type to carry catenary, chain wheel, chain with drive of double pitch roller chain, burden special compressor, chain assembles machine, chain; Gear and decrease gearshift machine to machine things of appearance of machine tool, cutting tool, quantity, lube to wait; Relevant publication reachs a network.
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