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Technology of China International concrete reachs equipment exhibition

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Technology of China International concrete reachs equipment exhibition Exhibit meeting name: Technology of China International concrete reachs equipment exhibition Exhibit meeting site: China International exhibits a center to extend meeting time: 2009-2-26 sponsors an unit to 2009-2-28: Exhibit meeting content: Postpone meeting introduction 1) professional: Concrete week is home first reach relevant technology to concrete products, machinery from concrete raw material, those who cover whole concrete industry is professional activity.
2) omnibus: Concrete week included each segment of concrete estate development, it is the omnibus activity that collect concrete scientific research, production, application is an organic whole.
3) authority: Concrete Zhou Ji added up to an activity to organize major of orgnaization of seasoned hurried of building materials trade, concrete each square advantage such as unit of guild and industry director and directive unit, concrete scientific research, have concrete industry authority already representative the authority that also has mobile organization is representative; In the meantime, concrete week or get by what come from concrete industry army the industry activity that enterprise, famous orgnaization and authoritative personage participate in.
4) internationalization: Concrete week is face business of industry of domestic and international concrete and orgnaization internationally large activity, the scientific research achievement outside collecting concentration, new product and new technology, and concrete application technology, it is the communication platform of an internationalization.
5) diversification: Concrete week is exhibition of a collect, conference, groom, the industry platform with the diversification for an organic whole, mutiple level activity such as trade.
6) commercialize: Concrete week applies commercialized project to extend pattern, besides releasing information through the professional media such as professional newspaper, magazine, website, the market information such as the scientific research achievement that still waits for public media to transfer concrete trade through TV, outdoors advertisement, newspaper, magazine, product and technical promotion.