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Blender of double planet double motivation

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Blender of double motivation of double planet of SXSDHJ100L of blender of double motivation of SXSDHJ100L double planet is a kind new-style and undertake agitate, deliquescent, dispersive, homogeneous to a variety of mixed liquor body, pink body, solid efficient agitate equipment. This equipment applies extensively at the production of the product of concerned chemical industry such as makings of tall viscosity coating, organic silicon, printing ink, dye, painty, agent sticking gum. Configuration: Hydraulic pressure rises fall distribute hydraulic pressure system; Transmission system mixes main transfer machinery (drive of chain wheel, chain, belt-conveyor) ; Agitate system matchs axis of tall, low speed; Electronic-controlled systematic distribution accuses the 4 parts such as ark to comprise. Electronic-controlled there is thermometer on ark, measure Wen Fan to surround 0 ~ 180 ℃ . Characteristic: 1, hydraulic pressure rises fall smooth, agile, operation maintenance is convenient, oriented on the safe side. 2, agitate system vibration is little, noise low

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