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Turn round waste of mineral products resources to must adjust tax cost to impose

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Geology of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources, China investigates bureau director Wang Min to express, current, mineral products resource is paid expenses of compensation of resource of exploitation existence mineral products collects the problem with too low level, have 1.18 % on average only. Ministry of land natural resources already with the Ministry of finance relevant adjust plan to reach consensus, will choose opportune opportune moment to come on stage as soon as possible.

Current, resource of our country mineral products is paid use system basically includes 3 shares: The first it is resource duty, it is to press should plan of the amount of tax to be paid asks for the unit of the crop of duty product and regulation; The 2nd it is resource compensation expenses, the certain proportion that is sales revenue of the product that press mine is collected; The 3rd it is use cost of mining authority use cost and prospect authority, press mining division or exploration pay of year after year of area piece area. Still include income tax, value added tax to wait additionally.

Investigator thinks generally, compare with photograph of western developed country, waste of resources of our country mineral products is mixed badly with resource duty resource compensation expenses too low about. The fact is such really also. It is with coal exemple, begin from 1984, our country adopts the resource tax that imposes means from what measure norm average the amount of tax to be paid has 0.5 yuan only, already low arrived negligible not plan degree, and this standard maintained 21 years full, till 2005, our country moved the tax rate of tax of coal natural resources of 8 provinces area on ability, amplitude modulation is in every tons on 2 yuan reach 4 yuan between. But, compare with the coal price photograph that rises quickly ceaselessly, what this standard still appears special is low.

This is become bring about mineral products resource to waste a serious main reason. Code and technical standard ask related our country, stoping of thin coal-bed requirement is led cannot under 85 % , in thick coal-bed cannot under 80 % , thick coal-bed cannot under 75 % . But, at present the stoping rate of our country colliery has 35 % on average only, rate of stoping of colliery of a few villages and towns is 15 % only, some are low even to 10 % . The data that publishs about the branch shows: Our country from 1949 -- between 2003, accumulative total produces coal to make an appointment with 35 billion tons, and wastage of natural resources of our country coal already exceeded 100 billion tons, this is meant, double refuse resource is the resource that be used almost!

Show some technical levels with our country, coal natural resources reclaims rate achieving 70 % above do not have any problems, the key depends on an enterprise be being done so without motivation. A lot of experts and learn the home this one phenomenon complete end is duty of our country resource and resource compensation expenses to had waited low about, opening the prescription that give also is the price that raises resource tax cost. From now on, our country began a series of the adjustment of resource duty: It is the resource duty the amount of tax to be paid that adjusted stone of coal, crude oil, natural gas, manganese mine to wait in succession since 2004 first standard, be in then 2006, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state cancelled to be decreased to duty of resource of nonferrous metal mineral products again draft the favourable policy of 30% , restore sum to collect, and was adjusted to duty of iron ore resource decrease draft policy, of short duration presses standard of formulary the amount of tax to be paid 60% collect, increased level of the amount of tax to be paid of duty of natural resources of cliff gold mine, united the standard of applicable the amount of tax to be paid of duty of natural resources of countrywide vanadium ore. This year, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state increased the amount of tax to be paid of duty of cooking coal resource again, undertook adjustment to policy of revenue of saline resource tax.
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