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GB of reserves of solid mineral products considers revising

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One of national levels with the mainest group of our country mining industry -- " resource of solid mineral products / reserve is classified " considering revising, this is the mineral products resource that the reporter holds in Beijing from recently system of standard of reserve management technique considers to learn on project seminar.

System of standard of technique of management of reserves of mineral products resource studies the project is ministry of land natural resources 2008 project of stress scientific research. Project task group puts forward with " solid fundamental survey is forerunner, the means of open democracy is participated in " to study train of thought, begin work of steady investigation and study, at present already survey 9 province, attend delibrate nearly 1000 people, obtained much first-hand data, those who be research achievement is preliminary form laid solid foundation.

As we have learned, reserves of resource of our country mineral products classifies a predestined relationship from before Russia. 20 centuries 50 time are prime, our country is cent of mineral products reserves the reserves outside balancing the reserves inside the watch, watch. Raw 1959 throughout the country store appoint established standard of reserves of resource of the first mineral products of our country -- " classification of mineral products reserves is provisional and normative (general principles) " . Our country began to weave 1974 classification is normative, geological branch jointly with metallurgy, light change, the branch such as building materials decides, unified reserve cent is a watch inside, outside the watch two kinds, class of A, B, C, D4, preliminary establish our country after this the foundation that the reserves inside 25 years classifications. Admit need to get used to market economy, our country undertook reform to classification of reserves of mineral products resource 1999, issue national standard " reserves of / of resource of solid mineral products is classified " , differentiate resource reserves give 16 kinds. This standard already executed to this day 10 years, cruel in implementing executive practice showed a few issues, need is revised further perfect.

Center of ministry reserves department, tall consult organized this seminar. Come from the central ground collate such as gold of nuclear industry, coloured, metallurgy, coal, armed police, building materials branch of meeting and mine design, reserves evaluates unit and Chinese card inspect the expert of orgnaization, management department attended delibrate.

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