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Shanxi province is treated exceed new rule to will rise to be carried out formal

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The concentration that passes time of a month is publicized and learn, will rise on July 1, " processing of fountainhead of freightage of Shanxi province road exceeds be restricted to overload temporary measure " , " car of Shanxi province processing exceeds illegally be restricted to overload working responsibility investigates method " carry out formally. Yesterday morning, vice-governor Niu Renliang and province concern sectional chief to wait to reach Taiyuan city early or late clear Xu county ground passageway of small shop of channel colliery limited company, freeway to undertake on-the-spot survey. Deputy mayor Wang Jiansheng is accompanied.

In room of business of the colliery that grind channel, survey personnel examined those who give mine freight car to lade in detail circumstance. Introduce according to colliery controller, order the concerned requirement that exceed according to freight fountainhead, this mine pushs relevant work actively spread out, ensure do not let violate compasses car to give mine. In passageway of freeway small shop, the spot such as Niu Renliang was looked carefully at ' the freeway administers illicit overweighted traffic ceaseless car is fast testing system ' moving circumstance, listened to the report of company controller. After using fast testing system, can detect hourly freight traffic makes an appointment with 200, the day that uses oneself rose to solve freeway passageway effectively to have the problem that block up, than detecting formerly means improves efficiency 10 times above. In survey, niu Renliang treats the progress case that surpasses the job to offer affirmation to Taiyuan city. Current, of complete province treat exceed the job to still be in development to boost level, need farther conduct propaganda to carry out ' two method ' , let treat exceed the orbit that brings into standardization, system to change.

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