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Heng Yang serious chance " carry tramcar safety asks " level of the state that b

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On July 10 morning, steel group Heng Yang is weighed in machine the newest standard sample book that limited company got a country to standardize administrative committee to send, this company place makes " subterranean mine carries with the wheeled that do not have course tramcar safety asks " be decided formally to be national level, will rise to be carried out compulsively in the whole nation on October 1 this year.
The number of new standard is GB21500, 2008, supervise by national quality technology examine quarantine total bureau and committee of national standardization management are released jointly. In steel judge Gao Mengxiong of expert of equipment of mining of senior engineer of heavy national professor class, underground and expert Xiao Jilin, Gan Yolin, Zhao Jinyuan as basically draft a person, spent a year of much painstaking effort and energy to this one job, seek advice, the proposal that drew designing institute of project of Luoyang mine machinery.
It is reported, the carriage that the mine below the well goes is to rely on laid orbit, turn with steel rope next raise machine will lade the orbit of tip lorry edge of ore hauls a mine. The steel in carrying tramcar is judge the scraper that applies its home to precede again makes a technology the mine below the well of outspread research and development is important carriage tool, it is beardless orbit and open course of study of the dirty that enter a well to nod carry to give ore directly, achieve economic mining cost and the goal that improve work efficiency considerably. However, equipment of exercise of the mining area below the well is great to safe influence, need to be controlled strictly in the respect such as explosion proof, noise, exhaust emission particularly.
In steel Heng Chongji is in charge of at the height to the user, will determine according to the safe need of mine the ginseng of each element is numeric, match each component of carry tramcar and overall structure next according to joining numerical value. Make to unite a standard with the exercise behavior in using whole process, they wove " safe requirement " text.

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