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Development makes wind- driven generation set will have taxation privilege

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Learned from the Ministry of finance recently, fulfil the State Council to revitalize domestic equipment manufacturing industry to concern the spirit that imports taxation policy about accelerating to carry out, our country rises from January 1, 2008, the import tariff of pay of the crucial component that imports for generation set of wind-force of development, production high-power to domestic company, raw material place and import segment value added tax are executed ask for first regressive, place drawback money invests processing as the country, turn for national capital gold, basically use at the development production of company new product and construction of own innovation ability.
The Ministry of finance already allotted recently about adjusting high-power wind-force generation set reachs his the announcement of policy of revenue of import of crucial component, raw material. The high-power wind-force generation set that involves this is the wind- driven generation set that shows stand-alone rated power is not less than 1.2 million to cover with tiles. The company that puts forward to apply for to enjoy import revenue policy should be had be engaged in high-power wind-force generation set or; of ability of trial-produce of design of its key component has major to compare; of all ready technical personnel team to stronger assimilation absorbs; of ability and manufacturing engineering capability to already had specific market target and, wind- driven generation set year sale should be in 50 above, blade year sale should be in 150 above, dynamo year sale should be in 50 above. The announcement is clear still, since May 1, 2008, our country will be right of new approval inside, the wind- driven generation set that project of foreign capital investment imports stand-alone rated power to not be more than 2.5 million to cover with tiles is same stop to carry out an entrance duty-free policy.

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