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Our country second half of the year will publish car of new energy resources to

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Learn solely a few days ago, ministries and commissions will be in related the country second half of the year takes the lead in coming on stage this year buy car of derv, mixture motivation to avoid the policy that purchases duty completely. Show a provision according to the country, purchasing tax tax rate is 10 % , but be in plan when asking for car to purchase duty the amount of tax to be paid, must first the eliminate of value added tax 17 % , namely car purchases ÷ of value of bill of = of value of duty plan duty 1. 17. Message personage expresses, this favourable strength is in overseas market 10 % - 13 % , our country this one policy and international conform. This personage expresses at the same time, the market that local government still will urge to publish local government order to support model of new energy resources in the center of is developed.
By November 2007, "915 " 863 plans " energy-saving with car of new energy resources " group of major project advisory expert holds water. Expert group origin is comprised from 18 members of the unit such as car company of home, academy place, college. Among them an expert expresses to the reporter last week, take the lead in with mixture motivation to derv field of two new energy resources undertakes policy give aid to, because the technology of both and market breed opposite maturity,basically be. And the electric motor-car that gets attention fully kind eye fails to enter first policy to support a domain, the analyst thinks its reason depends on project of form a complete set getting ready.
Current car is exhibited on, biyadi is Ou La of E6, Great Wall, auspicious LC - E all is the pure report motor-car that exhibits first, pure report motor-car is to implement 0 pollution, 0 contaminative active and optimum plan. But its industrialization viatic a premise is the country must want to build a batch to fill a power station, will look to still need a holiday currently with time.
Additional all, before industrialization road is about to set out, new car " birth certificate " become each car look forward to again in the dark stronger one party arena. From March the last ten-day of a month comes at present, model of 4 new energy resources wins a birth certificate, it is mixture motor vehicle of strange luck A5, Jun Yue respectively mixture motor vehicle, one steam gallops car of CA7130 mixture motivation, and Pasate fuel cell car, sequel still will have car of a batch of new energy resources to ascend a list of names posted up in succession.
To this, hair change appoint establish admittance of car of new energy resources technically to examine and approve expert group, expert group can declare the enterprise of catalog of new car of new energy resources to undertake be assessinged with all possible means to those. According to among them one member discloses, examine and approve a condition stricter, have clear demand to ability of own research and development, basic guiding principle is the 3 old crucial techniques in wanting to satisfy mixture power research and development at least among them, just can obtain on qualification of a list of names posted up. This 3 old techniques are truckload control is politic; The 2 management that are batteries and batteries system; 3 it is control of electric machinery system.
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