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State-owned asset evaluates financial company supervisory government is provisio

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General principles of the first chapter

The first controls government to strengthen what state-owned to financial company asset evaluates, normative banking company is state-owned asset evaluates behavior, maintain state-owned capital possessory legitimate rights and interests, basis concerned law, administrative regulations sets related to the State Council, make this way.
The 2nd is established lawfully in churchyard of People's Republic of China, holding company of the financial company that has state-owned capital fund, banking, assure company (company of banking of the following abbreviation) asset is evaluated, applicable this method.
Bad assets of company of financial asset management deals with evaluate what have a regulation additionally to set from its.
Department of finance of government of people of above of class of the 3rd county (department of finance of the following abbreviation) according to the uniform policy, principle that manage by different levels, evaluate the job to undertake supervisory administrative to assets of this class banking company.
Ranking finance department supervises assets of administrative banking company to evaluate the job to undertake coach and be supervisoried to inferior finance department.
The 4th asset evaluates an orgnaization to undertake asset is evaluated ought to abide by regulations of concerned law, code, department, and asset is evaluated criterion and hold industry standard, responsible to evaluating the lawful sex of the report, authenticity and rationality, assume responsibility.
Asset is evaluated entrust just mix those who provide a data is relevant when the thing square, the authenticity that ought to provide a data to place, lawful sex and integrality are responsible.
Company of the 5th banking must not entrust same intermediary orgnaization to undertake to same economy behavior asset is evaluated, professional work of audit, accounting serves. Financial company concerned controller and intermediary orgnaization existence may affect justice hold when the interests of course of study, ought to give evasive.

The 2nd chapter evaluates item

Company of the 6th banking has one of following state, ought to entrust asset to evaluate an orgnaization to undertake asset evaluates:
(one) whole perhaps changes partly make for finite liability company or of Inc. ;
(2) invest in order to be not monetary sex asset external;
(3) of amalgamative, schism, liquidation;
(4) blame appear on the market financial company is state-owned shareholder equity scale is fluctuant;
(5) property right makes over;
(6) asset is made over, displacement, on sale;
(7) creditor's rights turns of equity;
(8) debt recombines;
(9) accept blame money sex asset mortgages or of impawn;
(10) deal with of bad assets;
(11) perhaps accept pay a debt in kind or by labour in order to be not pay a debt in kind or by labor of monetary sex capital;
(12) buy those who be not state-owned unit assets;
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