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Plastic machinery of Europe imports code

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Through carrying out standardization, can reduce trade barrier, promotion security, the each other that improves product, system and service uses a sex, still can promote technical consensus. Of the standard conclude hang on interest is participated in just of one's own accord each, include industrial group, government sector and social community. The European Union has a strict safe code to importing machine, domestic manufacturer should develop European market, must meet these code above all.

European market adopts open attitude all along to foreign product and technical entrance.

European Union formulate the mechanism that has innovatory sense, in order to remove trade barrier, implementation commodity freedom is current. "New method " the component that is this one mechanism, include the relevant statement of multinomial product group, the lowermost standard that set the field such as protection of safe, wholesome, consumer and environmental protection among them.

New method involves kinds of each are big product (for example: The category such as product of mechanical, building, toy) or transverse risk (be like electromagnetism consistence) , unlike the mechanism that dominant is with the product in old method.

New method is mixed in communal orgnaization the market from course of study member between established close cooperative relationship, these orgnaizations are having very main effect in standardizing a process. The orgnaization that is in charge of evaluating an instruction to whether accord with a requirement (namely " inspection agency " ) can be privately owned substance, by member country appoint. Below old method system, technical standard is approved by director branch, "Inspection agency " function is carried out by national level orgnaization.

New method set to basic requirement must be satisfied when the product appears on the market, but, do not include specific the technical standard new method that how should implement, gave a manufacturer the flexibility of higher rate however. According to new method, the manufacturer can choose to reach transform a technology, in order to satisfy basic requirement. In accord with evaluate a respect, new method offerred multiple choice program.

New method does not include technical standard. But, it is based on coordinate this one concept in the round, ask each standard must accord with the specific technicality of European code. Accordingly, the European Union standardizes association (CEN) assuming special responsibility. CEN is European standard and the main formulate orgnaization with normative technology, also be a basis European Union 83/189 order injunction (say now " European Union 98/34 date dictates " ) obtain cognizance European orgnaization exclusively, be in charge of be opposite in each economy activity European standard has a plan, draft and examine and approve, but do not incorporate electronic technology (CENELEC) with telecommunication (ETSI) .
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