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Abrasive grinds progress of material of the stone that have urge

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Abrasive is a kind of grain stuff that has tall hardness and certain and mechanical strength, use at making to grind provide or use at directly abrade with polishing. Must have as abrasive the following the condition of 5 respects: Taller hardness, fight broken sex moderately to reach from acute sex, good thermal stability, certain chemical stability, facilitating treatment becomes the grain of different measurement. Abrasive cent is natural abrasive and man-made abrasive two kinds big. Everything can use nature at grinding or abrade data interconnected system calls natural abrasive. Good natural abrasive not only want hard, have interest of tenacity He Feng even, resourceful or distributing wide, have certain purity even. Although the preparation of man-made abrasive is more and more careful, but natural abrasive still has proper place at present.

Natural diamond

Diamond (C) is current foregone the best material, rub family name hardness is 10. The crystal structure of common diamond belongs to department of brilliant waiting for an axis, establish respect heart structure, typical atomic crystal. Diamond still has 6 brilliant is 2H model much model phenomenon namely 6 diamond, the place when department aerolite bumps the earth's surface is formed, still discover the diamond of tetrahedral brilliant form.

Natural diamond is condition of 8 bodily form more, still have lozenge 12 body, show cube lesser. There is apparent growth on the {111} face of natural diamond layer, grow layer ply is less than 10A, and {110} , {100} still won't produce such growth on the face layer. Natural diamond great majority shows single crystal to yield, show a circle graininess or broken graininess. Pure diamond is colorless, but scarcer, show different color more, wait like yellow, green, brown, auroral, blue, gray, black. Lapidary class diamond namely diamond is confined to achromatic, close achromatic, buff, pink, blue, green. Besides, the diamond of other facial expression can be used on industry only. Diamond density is 3.50~3.52g/cm3, thermal conductivity is good. Type of the producing area of natural diamond, bed, color is different, its hardness is different also. Diamond brittleness is bigger, have parallel {11} wait for cleavage, fall in outside force action namely, face of crystallization of {111} of easy edge crystal splits. The brittleness of diamond returns blemish of the internal stress with crystal, interstitial etc to concern. The internal stress of crystal heals big, have break and other drawback much also, can be cleavaged below inferior concussion.

Two big mine are the body part of natural diamond, give birth to mine and placer deposit formerly namely. Former unripe mine basically is Jin Baili cliff former unripe mine, bed is little, quality is bad, course of study of most charge for the making of sth. is used. Placer deposit is the mainest field that produces diamond, lapidary class diamond basically produces to attack placer deposit at rushing. The area of golden uncle interest that the world's fameddest diamond place of production has south Africa, Zaire, Australia western, the Xinasijilasi of the Alaska of the Yakute of Russia, United States and Brazil and other places. The Liaoning of our country, Shandong, Hunan and Guizhou have diamond ore deposit, give priority to with laying mine formerly, but reserve is not large.
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