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Market of car a replacement refines trend major to interlink tire supermarket to

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Tire line of business also has special chain supermarket! Recently, annulus supermarket of chain of library major tire opens business formally, as we have learned, this is Qingdao city and even the professional tire supermarket that save a home to put forward to be given priority to in order to manage tire completely. After repairing inn car 4S inn, conserve inn, quickly to appear in succession, insular city appeared again professional tire supermarket, see the car market nowadays is being refined gradually not hard.

The inn that compare 4S is cheap 20% above

Now although do not have special tire supermarket, but the person that sells tire but many, is the price of professional inn more expensive? A lot of " have car a group of things with common features " face burgeoning thing unavoidable some " afraid " . "The market research that before occupying us, does shows, the tire 4S inn of same brand, same type wants tower above of more directive than manufacturer price 20% above, and we coach by manufacturer the price sells strictly, and as henceforth the grow in quantity of storefront, it is cheaper and cheaper that the price also is met. " annulus the person of outstanding talent of tall of vise general manager of supermarket of library tire chain tells a reporter. Compare with other store appearance, sort of professional tire store tire is more all ready, mijilin, Pulisitong, solid distinctive, Deng Lupu, Han Tai, bright and beautiful lake, yokohama, Michael this, the rim such as Momo of the brand of more than 10 tire such as times endurance and Japanese Work, Italy.

Additional, sell tire, rim besides major, annulus supermarket of library tire chain still is offerred four-wheel fixed position, tear open outfit balance, tire to maintain, tire is repaired quickly wait for professional service.

With " home appliance is interlinked " means set up shop

Current, all sorts of car tire store on the market are very much, but service the good and bad are intermingled, price is confused, consumer is at ease very hard consumptive; on the other hand, car advocate also need more professional tire consumption and service guidance. "Differentiate particularly meticulously in foreign automobile industry, sell new car, sell two handcart, the car maintains, of vehicle maintenance and repair basic be ' each doing his own job ' , and won't resemble China such 4S inn ' full-fledged member monopolizes ' , foreign means will be henceforth a kind of tendency that country develops. Opposite for, progress of home appliance chain gets faster, competition relatively sufficient, original electric equipment is sell in bazaar, and appeared now country beautiful, Su Ning such home appliance tycoon, we also plan to manage a concept to manage tire to interlink a supermarket with this kind. " Qiao Junjie says. Introduce according to him, they will with annual inn of 2 straight battalion, Home 2-3 joins in the speed of inn " quickness " outspread, rapid occupational market, already had orgnaization of venture capital investment at present " aim at " they, value this anew to promote tire to interlink mode.
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