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Electric car greets dawn or become breach of industry of our country automobile

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By September, "God " affiliated company MidAmerican(is Sino-US below banner of Ba Fei spy energy holding company) announce, buy Biyadi company the equity of 10% . The personage inside course of study thinks generally, biyadi is in new energy resources is dynamoelectric the outstanding performance of respect of car research and development is the main factor that attracts Buffett to invest.

Be in early Biyadi marched 2003 automobile industry at the beginning of, established electric car to study a branch, the ability of electric car research and development nowadays has lain the position of the advantage. The 10th China International that will kick off on October 12 is new and high on technical achievement Fair, biyadi released its newest technology positive result again -- technology of DM double standard, will electrodynamic system and combination of mixture power system rise. It is reported, the Biyadi that carries this technology is dynamoelectric car also hopeful is produced in quantity of the end of the year appear on the market.

Before this action of Ba Fei spy turns Biyadi quickly Xiang Juguang light not only, also let electric automobile industry enter the field of vision of people at the same time. As a result of " god " be grasped held value invests again and again of concept great achievements, people maintains Biyadi to often have dispute the company of growing latent capacity from this, and electric car also is considered as the car of new energy resources that has development outlook most, and with Buffett allied also facilitated electric car of Biyadi opens American market.

This brought us very big surprise undoubtedly, because be in casual, we found a breach of homebred automobile industry it seems that. From eye antecedent condition looks, each country lies basically in the research and development on electric car on same scratch line, each other the difference between is not very big. If China can acquire speech right in respect of electric automobile industry, the competition ability that enhances industry of our country automobile on whole, change the structure of world automobile industry because of this even.

Because electric car has environmental protection character, because this is representing the development way of automobile industry future, but its also are put in a problem that solves urgently, the model that the cost that is electric car then wants to compare edition of coequal class benzine wants tower above a lot of, this is its all the time tardy cannot the main reason that batch produces. While relevant manufacturer seeks a technology to break through, if the government does not have relevant wealth tax to the support of policy is produced with encouraging and be consumed, so the electric car of cost tall look forward to will not find market outlet very likely.

In addition, what the country adopts to the development of car of new energy resources now still is " let a hundred flowers blossom " politic, pure electric car, methanol car and mixture motivation car are waited a moment, every give together a certain number of colleges, company goes considering, the kill that such doing dispersed however instead limited scientific research natural resources, cannot accomplish " lay a person with a fist " . Accordingly, need publishs car of clear national new energy resources to develop the strategy as soon as possible, mix according to national condition already some technical maturity degree will make arrangement.
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