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Reduction of output affects an analysis to market of domestic steel products

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Distributing from the geography of the sampling steelworks of feedback and character, the steelworks that comes from China north, Hua Dong, northeast area takes this sample about 70.6% overall, these area also are distributinging area of my main rolled steel source and steelworks,

With respect to steelworks " reduction of output " in light of enterprise dimensions, if be calculated according to crude steel crop of 7 years, year crude steel crop has 7 in steelworks of 10 million tons of above, year crude steel crop has 11 in the 500 steelworks to 10 million tons, year crude steel crop is in 200 to 5 million tons have 14, year crude steel crop has 2 in the 100 steelworks to 2 million tons.

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