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2 times equipment industry high speed increases electric power

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Before paragraph time, network company is opposite the country 2 times equipment undertakes 220kV and above transformer substation center invite public bidding. Na Ruiji maintains the main share that held protection, beijing all directions holds the main share of transformer substation supervisory system. Country south report from (prices, information, comment) , Na Ruiji is protected, the product of traditional and strong protection of Na Rui of Beijing all directions, Shenzhen is in win the bid get reflecting on market share.

915 during total investment of our country electrified wire netting will achieve 1.2 trillion yuan, be 15 during 2.4 times what electrified wire netting invests. And the addition that electrified wire netting invests is sure to drive electric power the demand of industry of 2 equipment, equipment. General estimation, the to 2 equipment investment in investment of construction of electrified wire netting is occupied 10% , from this 2 equipment industry has 24 billion yuan market demand every year to major general. 2 times equipment industry is in oligopoly pattern, trade barrier is taller, at present besides a few international outside well-known company, home has a state only the luck austral report () of prices, information, comment, beijing all directions, country south report from, xu Ji is electric with Hualike a few enterprise such as ability participates in competition, product wool interest rate is higher.

2 times the growing sex of equipment industry and profitability are in 5 years of expression are very good in the past, in the near future the industry still can maintain fast growth, tenability of wool interest rate is in at present higher level. Have 8~10 only as a result of the cycle of 2 updating equipment year, the photograph is more periodic than equipment industry more not apparent, and do not have the risk that raw material cost rises almost, be worth to be valued for a long time. 05~08 year 2 times the increase rate of equipment industry is respectively first half of the year 28.92% , 17.99% , 21.77% , 20.64% , the industry maintains the growth of higher rate 4 years continuously, at present fluctuant cycle still is in the industry rise period.

The luck austral report attempers in our country electrified wire netting and domain of transformer substation automation has the state larger dominant position, hold the market share of about 30 % , mediate in the province the area moved the market to hold larger share especially, it is our country electric power 2 the bibcock enterprise of device sphere. 03~07 year, company income year compound increase rate achieves 21 % , compound increase rate obtains net benefit 27 % . 3 years the compound increase rate of income is company future 18 % , compound increase rate is net profit 29.5 % , 3 years every accrual can achieve future respectively 0.8, 1.02 mix 1.19 yuan, maintain " recommend " investment grade.

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