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5 big keywords make clear inwrought machine industry to develop way

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1 of the keyword: Science and technology innovates

Innovation of science and technology is a word with seminar occurrence highest frequency, almost all delegates are in speak of industry of computer embroidery machine next when development is politic, place innovation of product science and technology in the first place, go out development the towel embroider with function and more perfect function, gold piece the main way that the type of special type embroider with the content of science and technology such as embroider, mixture embroider and additional higher cost regarded a product as structural adjustment. Come one many year, the situation of industry of machinery of our country tailor invites entrepreneur of industry of computer embroidery machine people personal feeling got, innovation of science and technology is in an enterprise developing heft. And in order to if benefit of limited company of electron of Hangzhou classics abb, Shanghai is versed in,produce the business that special type machinery gives priority to the enterprise such as 2 factories, below the circumstance that drops generally in current market level, sales volume and profit still maintained relatively substantially the impetus of growth is more sturdy company of broad and inwrought aircraft has product structural adjustment and the resolution that upgrade.

2 of the keyword: Promote a product quality

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