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Our country joins WTO, the international environment with will be formed better, more the system environment that is helpful for business development and better, opener policy environment, this makes industry to the machinery of our country, since good luck is a challenge. Manufacturing industry had entered the period of global competition, in the economic environment that the manufacturing industry of our country is sure to blend in the whole world. In network technology, communication technology prop up below, district, culture already was the obstacle of mutual communication no longer, competitor is OK and alive inside bound limits anyplace the design, product that make and sells oneself. The enterprise is mixed to live development, new manufacturing pattern is sure in this century ceaseless emerge in large numbers.

The manufacturing mode that 1 development wears

As from " quality the first " competition is politic to " answer the market quickly " competitive strategy is transferred, appear what the fictitious production technology, nimble production technology, green that is based on environmental protection makes the new production technology such as the technology ceaselessly especially, traditional rigid production pattern begins Xiang Rou sex to produce mode to transform, each district formed alive bound to have all sorts of production systems of respective characteristic. Since reforming and opening, gold of condition foreign capital uses the labor with cheap inland and rich land resource, one is formed to the network that does not produce at the tradition produces a system in area of Pearl River delta. In last few years, as outback labor cost rise and of country of circumjacent and burgeoning industry rise abruptly, with large quantities of quantities production is given priority to, the manufacturing mode of cheap product in relying on low cost to produce got be challenged badly. The high speed of computer technology and IT develops, the collaboration between the enterprise that is different district provided good technical basis. Especially in last few years the rapid development of Internet, can build a Gao Rou sex, network that can recombine, combine two of mutual correlation various even material and intellective resource effectively rise, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, build a new network to go up dummy company, in order to produce the product of high additional cost, high-tech, much breed. According to current technical condition, add the competitive capacity after WTO to increase outback business further, the manufacturing pattern that the article raises a reappearance to exhibit with respect to the characteristic with respective manufacturing industry of ministry of our country thing -- the network produces a system (NPS) . Namely the principle according to mutually beneficial mutual benefit, building interconnection of a photograph is the network system that becomes independent each other again, form the dummy company on a net. The enterprise of mutual collaboration has design, development on the net, make and sell, implementation resource is shared, the risk is carried in all, the enterprise on this kind of net that has Gao Rou sex can is opposite the demand of the change of the market, consumer is made answer quickly, the design of short sawn timber and development cycle can shrink in the meantime. And, because small and medium sized business can share investment, reduced the cost that much breed, small lot produces thereby.
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