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The abnormal of estate development, will many capital attracts real estate to have congenial activity, not only ecbolic and landed bubble, still cause manufacturing industry because of lacking capital get into trouble. In the meantime, tall house price still causes the main reason that inadequacy needs inside the product.

69 mayors assembled in countrywide each district a few days ago Shenzhen attends " Chinese mayor forum " , housing and Chou Baoxing of undersecretary of ministry of urban and rural construction express on forum: "Should give the freedom with each city certain government to spend, the government of each district should say capable, responsible also, make the choice on a few policy. " this also is the high level is stimulated to each district first municipal plan makes the building make known this position formally.

Chou Baoxing's word has to the city that has published the measure that help city undoubtedly issued sth capable of comforting sb. Before this, 18 towns of domestic roll out policy of exciting building city in succession, specific act includes to provide the subsidy that buy a house to the citizen, extend reimbursement deadline, increase accumulation fund to borrow money highest forehead is spent etc, this shows, administration is not the act that rolls out the city that help a house an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. Chou Baoxing's word also makes clear, the city that help a house is in home a few into finality. What save correspondence of city act photograph with the government is: Network investigation shows, the netizen of more than 80% objects a government helping city.

When estate saves the discussion like a raging fire of city, still a few incident entered public field of vision. Nevertheless, these incident have person discussion rarely however. According to media coverage, tycoon of sugar industry of Guangdong Zhan Jiang is indebted 1 billion jump the building dies; The group of Jiang Long of enterprise of Chinese textile bibcock that is located in Zhejiang is comprehensive shutdown, president is missing; The biggest toy produces the world that is located in Dongguan of the enterprise add up to handsome enterprise to announce, factory of below the banner two large toys closes down, 7000 workers face unemployment... before adding this bead the news that trigonometry counts business failure tide, these incident constituted the signal of crisis of Chinese manufacturing industry.

Clearly, compare real estate, domestic manufacturing industry needs governmental minister more. But rather, at present the government still is in center energy to consider to help building city, very rare however officer advances focal point of deliverance manufacturing industry to discuss.

Local government helps room city, besides land financial outside the reason, still having a reason is real estate is pulled moved steely, building materials to wait tens of industrial catenary. Estate is in a lot of cities are early it is pillar industry, become the main source of GDP and achievement in one's post. But no matter how real estate is important, if room city is put in depressed word, prime cause is domestic house price is tall exceed those who give people to buy capacity. Because this sensible method is recursive common sense, let economic rule produce effect, the room city after letting quick dilate squeezes a bubble, return to reasonable vendibility, the purchasing power posture that invites it and people suits. Be helpful for the development of real estate already so, also more the whole that is helpful for economy is healthy, the person can defer the rhythm that the ego that help city adjusts only to help city, the likelihood lets bubble be blown more greatly, bigger to domestic economy harm.
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