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Market of alliance agriculture machinery has latent capacity greatly east

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Our country is active in recent years development and east alliance collaboration of trade of 10 countries classics concerns, on the foundation of of long standing and well established history association and traditional commerce, foreign trade and cooperative position get unprecedented promotion, present a momentum that develops quickly. At the same time price of alive group provisions rises generally, global height takes the situation of food safety seriously to fall, demand of market of international agriculture machinery increases considerably, foreign trade of machinery of our country agriculture gets benefit because of this benefit.
East alliance 10 countries are market of convention of exit of machinery of our country agriculture, review right east the exit of 10 countries develops alliance course, exit agriculture is mechanical 1997 166 million dollar, get the influence of crisis of southeast Asia banking, exit ever dropped considerably 1998 24.3% , exit rebounded strong 1999, add fast amount to 52.3% , agriculture machinery of after this our country is right east 10 countries export alliance maintain stable and rapid growth, to 2007 exit with one action breaks through billion dollar, amount to 1.343 billion dollar; 1 ~ will export 1.174 billion dollar in July 2008, grow 62.9% compared to the same period, hopeful go up again a step.
Right east alliance agriculture machinery exports 10 countries to take market of whole world of our country agriculture machinery about very one of, but in recent years to amplitude of exit of this one area prep above annual exports average amplitude, east alliance the market will develop 10 nations the main market that makes exit of our country agriculture machinery, become the partner with mutually beneficial mutual benefit, complementary advantage. From 2007 our country agriculture machinery is opposite east 10 countries export alliance frontal sort looks, right Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Burmese all exceed on 100 million dollars with the exit of Singapore, before be on exit; Less to the exit of Brunei, Laos and Kampuchea, remain to develop. Our country agriculture machinery is right 2007 east 10 countries export alliance frontal sort is as follows: Vietnam 40, 9.69 million dollar, growth 69.93% , hold export east proportion of alliance agriculture machinery 30.51% ; Indonesia 34, 16.6 billion dollar, growth 43.44% , occupy than 25.44% ; Thailand 15, 30.1 billion dollar, growth 32.53% , occupy than 11.4% ; Burmese 12, 58 billion dollar, growth 70.49% , occupy than 9.37% ; Singapore 10, 92.2 billion dollar, growth 28.81% , occupy than 8.13% ; Malaysia 9, 92.5 billion dollar, growth 32.7% , occupy than 7.39% ; Philippine 6, 79.8 billion dollar, growth 39.27% , occupy than 5.06% ; Kampuchea 2, 23.6 billion dollar, growth 34.25% , occupy than 1.67% ; Laos 1, 30.3 billion dollar, growth 31.78% , occupy than 0.97% ; Brunei 7.3 billion dollar, growth 430.28% , occupy than 0.05% . Chinese agriculture machinery is right 2007 east 10 countries export alliance to be given priority to with general trade pattern, improvement trade, border land is small at the same time commerce and contract external the project also holds a few share. General 2007 commerce next exit 1.154 billion dollar, growth 48.74% , 85.92% what hold proportion of pair of its export total; Improvement trade is exported 9, 1 million dollar, growth 35.72% , occupy than 6.78% ; Border land is small commerce is exported 3, 3.41 million dollar, growth 9.68% , occupy than 2.49% ; Contract external project 3, 1.94 million dollar, growth 559.26% , occupy than 2.38% . Build as the free-trade area with development, the improvement trade, specific gravity hopeful that invests the other commerce way such as collaboration will get rising henceforth.
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