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As in recent years the rapid development of industry of our country coal, to it the coal machine industry of be as close as lips and teeth also is taken seriously increasingly. The document of sex of coal industry program that publishs from last year " a certain number of opinions that develop about promoting coal industry health " , the plenary meeting of science and technology of countrywide coal industry that holds to last year, change to the national hair recently again appoint the policy of coal industry structural adjustment that come on stage, involve development the equipment of integrated coal mining content below large coal well. Concerned personage points out, equipment of integrated coal mining walks into the eye shot of people below large coal well, this is the inevitable tendency that coal machine industry grows.
Accelerate development sense of coal machine manufacturing industry is great
Our country is world coal lifetime is produced and consume big country. Because our country rich coal is little oily, so coal has all in all place in the sources of energy in our country. In recent years, tall look forward to of international oil price, this is going up somehow more the strategic meaning that highlighted natural resources of our country coal.
Build powerful coal industry to must powerful colliery machinery engineering capability serves as backing. However, manufacturing technology is overall the rapid development that the level lags behind to restricting coal industry. According to statistic, at present degree of mechanization of countrywide coal mining is only 42% . Numerous small coal mine still the exploitation means with backward tradition of continue to use.
Contradict to solve this, the country put forward to accelerate promotion coal production and equipment to make the strategic target of technical level. Basis " 915 " the main goal of coal industry structural adjustment, to 2010, degree of mechanization of coal mining of big, medium-sized colliery should reach the whole nation respectively 95% with 80% above.
According to concerning expert introduction, the integrated excavate equipment heavy three-year institution of higher learning below large coal well, advocate the equipment that if face colliery high yield, efficient intensive,turns production and its form a complete set and technology. Include to produce per year 6 million ~1000 put together of 10 thousand tons of thick coal-bed collects development of equipment of whole set technology; Produce per year 1.5 million ~200 put together adopts automation of 10 thousand tons of thin coal-bed development of equipment of whole set technology; Produce per year put together of short wall of 1 million tons of above to collect development of equipment of whole set technology; Fast put together digs tunnel development of equipment of whole set technology.
The personage inside concerned course of study points out, our country develops large coal well to leave facility of integrated coal mining, it is to resolve the equipment demand that coal industry expands not only, also be indirect ground not only offer rare development opportunity to raise level of technology of industry of machine of our country coal, more important is, it will provide strong safeguard for exploitation of natural resources of our country important energy.
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