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2007, chinese food and production value of sale of package machine industry amount to one hundred and one billion seven hundred and seventy-nine million yuan, relatively grew 22.88 % 2006, rate of produce and sale amounts to 96.55 % . Export total is 1.294 billion dollar, grew 57.14% 2006 compared to the same period. The food of our country and package machine with " cheap and fine " be famous in an international market, "Exit " also become numerous enterprise to get bigger vivosphere a channel, make the profit point of growth with a lot of new companies.

"Number " again the development motive force with food of confirm our country and package machine powerful industry, however, the raw material such as rolled steel rises in price, new " labor law " the reform that industry system uses after carrying out, RMB appreciates... below multiple element action, company profit is smaller and smaller, do our country food and package machine actor or actress in the competition on the international market potential energy is denied continue to maintain? Cause industry attention again.

For this, net of industry of Hui Cong food visited Chinese food and He Na of secretary-general of association of package machine industry to the gentleman, why the case that secretary-general introduces food and package machine exit in the round and relevant note.

"Big country " need to " powerful nation " change

From " small " arrive " big " , arrive from low end high end, the exit of our country food and package machine presents the situation that gives product diversification. "Small " to the machine that make a yard, strapping machine, "Big " to whole set of equipment, the food of exit and package machine cover existing line of the products basically, the food of disparate arrangement of ideas and package machine are having different sale market.

Investigate its reason, why secretary-general thinks, on the technology advanced cannot make the standard that measures a product to whether suit exit quite, different product has the export advantage of its oneself. Low end the delegate of the product -- the strapping machine, machine that make a yard, content of technology of these two kinds of products is not high, but market demand is big, batch production can reduce manufacturing cost, our country labour cost compares together with low, in the international market we have this kind of product very strong price competition dominant position, so although equipment is small but exit circumstance is very good.

The product of own to having intellectual property, we have price advantage to still have technical advantage not only. This kind of equipment is in the international market is quite welcome, the enterprise also has very tall profit get one's own back. Why secretary-general introduction, home has an enterprise to develop " fill up automatically packer " , vacuumize can fall in the circumstance that does not have vacuum room. And Germany has a similar facility, but need is in vacuum is indoor vacuumize, speed also has the 70 % of our country product only, price is 5 times of ours however. Even if is such, after money equipment is exported, this still can bring the profit margin of 200 % above for the enterprise.
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