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Pharmaceutical powder mixing equipment and its characteristics

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Mixing device is a hybrid device using a variety of different structures, so that relative movement between the powder material, changing its relative position, and continue to overcome the differences caused by material objects, layering trend. Solid powder granules used in a wide range of mixing equipment, the main is divided into three categories: the container back to the transformation of fixed and composite containers. 1, the container back to the transition Production in the pharmaceutical industry, the container back to the transformation of a V-type, double cone, three-dimensional movement (and more to the mix), square cone hopper, mixer, etc.. In addition to side cone hopper with large capacity three-dimensional motion mixer, the type of mixing equipment generally applicable to many varieties, small batch production. Container back to the transition Mixer Features: (1) When mixed with a mixture of friction materials, mixing well; (2) When the mixed mobility, and physical phase-approximation of mixed materials, you can get a better mixing effect; (3) easy to produce condensation and adhesion of the materials are mixed, mixing equipment to be installed in the mandatory mixing blades or spread sheet and other devices. Container back to the transition mixer Disadvantages: (1) a relatively large area of large-capacity mixer, need to have a solid foundation; (2) the loading coefficient is small, mixed materials and containers at the same time turn the whole mix, so back to the transition than the fixed energy consumption required; (3) the need to create special device for positioning or parking; (4) When the mixed material properties of the gap is large, generally can not get the ideal mixture; (5) compared with the fixed return to the relatively large transition noise. 2, the container fixed Production in the pharmaceutical industry, the container fixed a groove (horizontal spiral belt), with a vertical screw, planetary cone (conical double helix) and the air stirred and so on. Such mixing equipment generally suitable for mass production, in addition to day benefit The Acting Company Bolz-Summix cone screw mixer (the characteristics of its internal structure can be applied to the production of sterile products), and air agitation, other types of applications in the pharmaceutical industry less. Container fixed Mixer Features: (1) condensation, adhesion and strong mix of materials with good adaptability; (2) When the large difference between the mixed materials, little effect on the mixed state; (3) the liquid can be added easily mixed and humid mixed Pellet materials; (4) large load factor, energy consumption is relatively small. Disadvantages of fixed type mixer container (except like Bolz-Summix conical screw type mixer and mixing outside air): (1) mixing vessel type is generally difficult to completely clean, ease of cleaning to meet the requirements for approval; (2) Horizontal type of the materials in the mixing vessel is not clean; (3) models with high-speed rotor, crushing of brittle materials tend to have longer, easy to make the material heating up. 3, compound The so-called complex, that is, the container back to the transition, based on the addition of the mixing container materials within the device, it can be said it is the extension of the container back to the transition. Production in the pharmaceutical industry, often one-dimensional motion hybrid (roll motion mixer), mix two-dimensional movement (rock mixer), mix blades built V-mixed and mixed-or dual-cone ball mix and so on. Compound compatible with the characteristics of the container back to the transition, to overcome the material with condensation or uneven mix of material attachments, making such equipment more evenly mixed. Type of equipment often applies to non-sterile solid dosage formulations and production, when production of sterile preparations should be used for cleaning and sterilization methods are appropriate to be guaranteed.
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