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Some ideas on the mixing equipment

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Mixing equipment, also known as the mixing device. The first is the beginning of mixing equipment, it is first used in the production process in one of the devices, this device is produced by different methods and equipment to enable a variety of materials in the role of mechanical or pneumatic air driven by the formation of the container replacement and mobile, according to the technical requirements to achieve the purpose of the mixing mixed. Whether to change the color, hardness, structural change, chemical change and so need to have a mix of the early stages, but also medicine, food, chemical industry one of the most commonly used devices. Described today, is in the selection of large and medium-sized mixing equipment are first sent to the air gap mixer-style view, if in order to achieve high efficiency, energy saving, the purpose of province, our views can achieve consensus of all, there is no a white paper waste. Mixing equipment early in the non-molten state for material mixing equipment, mixing different ways, with high and low speed, mechanical power and pneumatic, with parallel and rotating cone and other categories, but are aimed at preliminary work to do the mixing. Mechanical power type, is generally used to enhance propeller blade switch blade type or tapered edge, the material displacement and promote material roll, parallel to the blade and the drum rotating about flip, scroll up and down so that the use of the material in the drum replacement and flip so that the material mixed. Such devices typically are mixed low, power large, energy consumption, easy to damage the surface of some materials, but because of less time investment, there are still many users to use. Pneumatic equipment is the first mixed use of air as a powerful driving force from the bottom up through the mesh or tubular channels of different exchange and flow of the material, to mixed results. Granular materials in some solid work in a certain mixture of large enterprise customers and markets. Air gap between sending mixed type, ie with the wind flow will be transported to the mixing tower materials, but also through the natural gap between the mixing to achieve the purpose of mixing. Although it is not the product of new designed products, but its advantages and features of the market in the medium-sized mixer has been demonstrated its role and advantages. Is the use of fans will need the raw materials are mixed, from bins to the mixing cylinder stroke, the advantage is on the bottom of the pipe material has a silo, you can advance all the necessary materials into silo proportion and continuous air to the mixing tube, which has started during the mixing effect, the material entering the mixing tube, tube pipe with a gap between high and low ranges, regardless of the raw material is first entered, or after entered into the raw materials, through the gap below the location of pipes of different levels simultaneously into the mixing position, the second to the mixing effect. Fall breeze with the wind were sent to the bottom of the pipe, if the materials are to be re-oriented or deeper effect and increase the mixing time, open the valve, the material can be recycled many times all of the results are quite satisfactory. Ideally, grain 0.1 ~ 3mm particles. Hybrid breeze Features: This fall breeze that the mixing is the use of wind to send materials to all of the barrel, without mechanical power, power is the use of the fan. General in order to reduce the noise, the choice of Roots blower. Roots blower is about 70 decibels of noise in general, is the industry choice for a smaller fan in the fan noise. ??? Large mechanical power needs of large horsepower to drive the mixed outside the device needs to process the larger leaves, and if the mean and medium-sized mixing equipment, its costs increased, more difficult, vulnerable parts demand to increase, in short, its maintenance costs and processing is a problem. Smaller volume of mechanical mixing equipment, mixing equipment, general mechanical power are all within 200 ~ 1000L capacity. Air gap between sending mixed type is the use of the material transported to the limited diameter of the barrel, do not need a large amount of wind the wind, you can reach the entrance of the barrel. Drop by drop on to the next natural, without power, and can be mixed in the 1000 ~ 500000L positions are available for making and using, if necessary, can also mean making more mixed positions. There province features, energy saving and efficient. Material damage the appearance of small, light and heavy materials, mixing, as long as there is demand, can be designed based on mixed positions, coupled with the performance of the corresponding component parts can be mixed to maximize the increased capacity of the tower, these are mechanical mixing can not compare. Some large and medium enterprises and production products, petrochemical products needs of large enterprises can be mixed in early.
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