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Axis of two-component meter mix equipment controlled by the widely popular

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In the recently held CHTF Electronics Show, with solid, tough and strong European design style, technology accumulation, research and development center in Shenzhen Tian An Cyber Park, located in a low profile and operate a three-year self-control Technology Co., Shenzhen axis companies are a professional audience alike, the newly developed two-component, metering equipment, V-1020 Hybrid High-Tech Fair Electronics Show are many exhibits on display in the Lidi the pack to the fore. Ju Axxon Automation's staff, this exhibition of V-1020 two-component system is the first and only independent research and production of automation equipment, fluid control, relying on the exact proportion of mixed fluid, V-1020 In automotive electronics, auto parts, consumer electronics, medical and sporting goods and other industries potting, sealing, packaging and filling injection, each with excellent application. Especially for the accuracy of the ratio of demanding situations, such as two-component epoxy, silicone, polyurethane fluid. axxon exhibits the same cost-effective solution for automated fluid control industry in the country sought after by many in this high pay to attract a number of provinces and cities at Merchants in the eye, and with GE Finance (China) reached a preliminary cooperation intention. I believe in time, the axis of the V-1020 United controlled pumping system around, feeding systems, distribution systems (eg two-component mixed plastic valve V-2000) and hybrid systems and other products, coupled with the overall customer-oriented system solutions, integration advantages of channel resources and financial background will become fluid automation systems providers in pilot enterprises.
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