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Our country is handed in in device of distill of first lube constant decompressi

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Ten million of ' of company of petrifaction of Chinese oil n ton the bibcock project of project of ' of 1 million tons of oil refining, ethylene -- 8 million tons / year device of constant decompression distill will be held on October 10 in hand in a ceremony, the mark is worn last a period of time of device of distill of first lube of our country constant decompression the project of 12 months, in coming true as scheduled, hand in, enter phase of start working test-drive.

Ten million of n petrifaction ' ton project of ' of 1 million tons of oil refining, ethylene regards the sex of a mark that revitalizes base of northeast old industry as the project, among them, 8 million tons / year constant decompression device is to leave piece make. On December 30, 2004 project approving, formal on April 12, 2007 start. Oil refining project basically includes to build 8 million tons / year constant decompression distill, 2.4 million tons / year defer cooking, 2 million tons / year hydrogenation cracking, 1.8 million tons / year derv hydrogenation is purificatory, 800 thousand tons / year hydrogenation of cooking steam kerosene is purificatory wait for 8 suit buy and support system. The building of this device, it is the device that solves n petrifaction history to form dispersive, position is unreasonable, resource of implementation crude oil is machined centrally, offer the benefit of model of etiquette of makings, form, efficient way that enhances company core competition ability centrally to chemical industry, make process capability raises year of crude oil 11.5 million tons, one factory old quarter produces comb-out oil device hidden trouble.

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