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Industry of additive agent for food grows an analysis

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Additive agent for food is a small industry. It is applied at food industry only. In whole food industry, food is occupied about 60% , package machine is occupied about 20% , food machinery is occupied about 17% , and additive agent for food is occupied only 3% . 2007, gross value of industrial output of our country food exceeds 3 trillion yuan, and the income of additive agent for food is many yuan 500 only. Additive agent for food is a large trade. Can saying is the indispensable one part in contemporary food industry, its effectively promoted the development process of whole food industry. Can say, without additive agent for food, do not have today's food industry. Now, of all kinds additive is used in the food of nearly 97% . Breed of global additive agent for food has 25000 a variety of, commonly used additive breed has 5000 a variety of. Be like commonly: Antiseptic (Preservatives) , the organization shapes agent (Texturizers) , sweet taste agent (Sweeteners) , fight binder (Anti-cakingagents) , sweet laborious makings (FlavorsandSpices) , keep wet agent (Humectants) , add sweet agent (FlavorEnhancers) , enzymatic preparation (EnzymePreparations.
The United States is use quantity of the additive agent for food on the world the country with the biggest, use most breed. Allow what use directly to have 2300 kinds of above at present. The list of additive agent for food that American FDA publishs recently has 2922 kinds, 1755 kinds when get government among them; American food chemically tastes the row in code to have 1967 kinds; The additive agent for food that Japan uses has 1100 kinds about; Europe in all body allows to use have 1000- - 1500 kinds. Among them, dressing is occupied 30% , hydrogenation colloid is occupied 17% , acidification agent is occupied 13% , flavor intensifier is occupied 12% , sweet taste agent is occupied 6% , pigment is occupied 5% , emulsifying agent is occupied 5% , vitamin and mineral occupy 5% , enzymatic occupy 4% , chemical antiseptic is occupied 2% , antioxidant is occupied 1% . Predicting future inside 5 years year increase rate is 2%-3% . In dressing market, beverage is occupied 31% , spice is occupied 23% , milk products is occupied 14% , other occupy 32% .
In last few years, of the rise as contemporary food industry and standard of living rise, consumer health consciousness increases gradually. Market of global additive agent for food appears gave a few new features, among them brought the natural product with devoid basic perhaps and avirulent poison namely more and more get the favour of food company and consumer. The idea of food of low adipose, low caloric makes " world of fashionable of food of double low " , make food machine production enterprise to be used on provision prescription ceaselessly new-style former complementary makings, drove the development of market of additive agent for food.
last year, produce and sale of our country additive agent for food two flourishing, can satisfy the need that domestic and international market admits. Antiseptic increase production 40% ; Antioxidant international market is had rate achieve 40% ; 3 chloric cane sugar had formed industrialization. . . . . . But also existing to structural sex contradicts and had grown fast, for be more than the question that beg. Consequently outstanding watch repeats construction now, compete without foreword, it is the main factor that influence industry health develops. If second radical is malt,phenol is the fist product of our country, produce can many tons 4000, occupy world trade to measure 90% , but at present home market price every tons of 8 ~ 100 thousand yuan, and but export price has 70 thousand yuan only. Be like gourmet powder again, through nearly more than 10 years the technology progresses, production had great progress, produce per year amount to many tons 180, but by produce be more than annul, gourmet powder factory price falls from 12 thousand yuan of 1995 to 2007 end 6600 yuan.
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