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Before project machinery industry exit will maintain growth in August

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Implementation of accumulative total of industry of month of mechanical travel 1-8 sells production value one hundred and forty billion five hundred and fifty-five million, grow 45.60% compared to the same period, relatively the corresponding period was added last year fast (43.8% ) increase 1.8 percent, add with 1-7 month fast (45.88% ) photograph comparing reduced 0.28 percent.
Data shows, level of average wool interest rate is industry of 1-8 month machinery 17.58% , with 1-5 month (17.56% ) photograph comparing keeps balance basically. At present rolled steel price begins low, the cost pressure that the industry faces is reduced somewhat. Rate of produce and sale of accumulative total of industry of 1-8 month machinery is 99.12% , relatively last year the corresponding period (98.22% ) increased 0.9 percent, lead than 1-7 month produce and sale (99.36% ) reduce 0.24 percent.

Fact of industry of machinery of 1-8 month project exports delivery to be worth 14.4 billion yuan now, grow 73.47% compared to the same period, relatively 1-7 month (77.92% ) increase rate reduced 4.45 percent, than last year the increase rate of the corresponding period (89.86%) reduced 16.39 percent. The proportion that exit of the month on afterwards holds an industry to sell production value is broken through first 10% , achieve 10.247% hind, this month with on the month keeps balance, for 10.245% .
And go up lunar situation is same, squeezing ramming machinery continues to maintain negative growth trend, 1-8 month output reduces 5.56 percent compared to the same period, than 1-7 month (- 2.44% ) farther aggravation; Concrete machinery crop is added fast banner still, 1-8 month compared to the same period crop is added fast be as high as 54.87% .

Grab and the tendency that have heavy equipment to add fast hasten delay are relatively gentle, and on score of phase of the moon does not have the 1.58 fall after a rise with 0.64 percent; Scraper fetterses add fast relatively on the moon is small increased 0.11 percent.

Forklift yield data is unexpected, crop is added fast arrive by the 34.28% pelt of 1-7 month 18.91% , only month output enjoys growth compared to the same period 20.2% , from the situation that monthly appears to enjoy growth first since 5 years Feburary.

Accumulative total of month of concrete machinery 1-8 produces 187851, grow 54.87% compared to the same period, than last year the corresponding period (36.63%) is added fast rose 18.24 percent, than 1-7 month (58.29%) reduced 3.42 percent, it is project machine is added fast the fastest child industry.

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