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Equipment of the high end in mechanical industry sells stability

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The production value of sale of industry of domestic project machinery of the near future is added fast basic stability; At the same time capacity of each produce and sale of main product all appears to add fast hasten delay or owe growth state. The personage inside course of study points out, , market demand may make an engineering mechanical the current that is kept in Xiang Zhonggao to carry equipment to tilt.

It is reported, this kind tilts to come from two reasons possibly, it is the technical progress as domestic company, it is increasingly mature that homebred old heavy-duty product is commercialized, in crane industry this one element especially apparent; It is to be below current economic atmosphere additionally, medium and small businesses purchases apiration inadequacy, in bringing about low end the sale of the product is affected, in forklift industry this one factor is relatively obvious.

With project machine two the greatest opportunity are planted grab and fork-lift truck are exemple, see the product sells structural change till July. Since 8 years first quarter, 6 tons of products that reach the following tonnage are occupied mediumly in total sale grab than dropping ceaselessly, corresponding, 6-20 ton of grab occupy rise than stability; And technical content wants grab of a few taller 20 tons of above to be occupied in sale of the following first quarter accumulative total relatively than adding fast faster.

Data of fork-lift truck trade did not support this one hypothesis. Since first quarter, ZL50 is occupied than slow drop, ZL30 increases somewhat, other tonnage product is occupied than slow also growth, do not look to give clear product structure change, should be a neuterer result.

In other product, demand of heavy equipment market is existing since more apparent Xiang Zhonggao carries a product migratory turn a tide. 2008 1-8 month, retain in the market below the condition that the volume has improved considerably, construction crane industry grew speed to still maintain high speed growth. Among them in two kinds of the mainest products, automobile crane sale amounts to many 16 thousand, grow 24% compared to the same period. Crawler crane sells many 1100, compared to the same period amplitude is as high as 114% . The addition of equipment of this kind of old heavy-duty high end, have apparent help to industry sale rises monovalently.

Forklift respect, suffer bearing of scene of medium and small businesses to drop influence, 5-10 ton in posture of large forklift growth is good at 5 tons of the following products, the product sells unit price to rise somewhat accordingly.

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