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Do content of big chemical industry to shed a dream to come true

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Everybody has a dream, my dream is the career that does his one time to like. The policy of reforming and opening of the party makes China walks up to build the broad road that is a center with economy, also make I have the courage to think dare enter dare work, from average worker becomes Shanghai north the author that fragrant content sheds limited company and entrepreneur, contributed a force to develop content of Chinese chemical industry to shed an enterprise.
Fragrant content sheds Shanghai north limited company held water 1989, have 12 people only at the outset. We plan market fund 7600 yuan, leased the rural simple and easy warehouse of 3000 square metre, the company at that time can offer simple goods to store for the client only reach bale consign. Come 20 years, north whole nation of Shanghai of fragrant base oneself upon, scan widely, face the world, become eventually can change for danger in the round article reach poisons substanes manufacturing industry to offer the high-end content that supplies chain management and solution to shed service provider. Current, the enterprise registers fund 100 million yuan, fixed assets 500 million multivariate, storehouse area 300 thousand square metre, sth resembling a net of content drift net spreads all over 3000 many cities, company business year all increase rate amounts to 30% above. This year 1 to in August, the company serves production value to grow 44% compared to the same period, predict achievable this year 700 million yuan, than going up year of growth about 35% . The company obtained countrywide content to spread a trade advanced collective, whole nation defends a contract to weigh content of credit unit, China to flow 100 wait for a title by force.
Last year, the country came on stage " a certain number of opinions that develop about accelerating service line of business " , this is major interest to content shedding course of study good. North fragrant expand those who capture this anew opportunity, it is to invest 200 million yuan to shed garden area to build the content of 50 thousand square metre to spread base in content of golden hill chemical industry, plan to be used at was being thrown 2010; 2 it is to be in Shanghai western town of Qing Pubai crane plans the content of 60 thousand square metre sheds storehouse; 3 it is to participate in Shanghai northwest content to shed the content keeping tax of garden area to shed a center (B) construction and management.
Before one period, a few famous banks of foreign put forward to us with advisory company, should bade buys north 2 billion yuan 1.5 billion yuan even fragrant. Before tremendous temptation, we express different desire. Because policy of reforming and opening is good, we are completely capable to paddle one's own canoe the ground has taken his route, start an ethical brand, make north fragrant hundred years content sheds old store. My present dream, want to revitalize mainland to content sheds line of business and move toward the world namely.
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