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Shanxi saves chemical industry association to hold water

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On October 14, shanxi saves chemical industry association to establish congress to be held in Taiyuan city. Of this association hold water, the mark is worn the institute organization that the chemical industry that saves one of industries of 4 big burgeoning pillar as Shanxi had him. Chinese oil and fierce of Li Yong of chairman of chemical industry association attend a meeting and express congratulation.

Shanxi is big province of coal natural resources, the country has built Shanxi base of the throughout the country's most important the sources of energy certainly. Current, shanxi was formed basically already wait for the chemical industry that give priority to with treatment of chemical fertilizer, methanol, chloric material of chemical industry of alkaline, acetylene, synthesis, inorganic salt, balata, careful chemical industry system.

Li Yong fierce points out, shanxi chemical industry depends on resource of raw material of the sources of energy, manpower and area advantage, had made the pillar industry with essential Shanxi. He hopes Shanxi saves chemical association to be able to be in guide chemical industry to implement national industry policy, do the organization that good coal chemical industry develops, harmonious, servive routine, the respect such as the development with more scientific, healthy, orderly industry of stimulative coal chemical industry produces main effect.

New Ji Xinfang expresses the chairman of association of Shanxi province chemical industry that be elected, implementation saves change greatly to coal industry from big province of coal natural resources, transform then coal chemical industry is saved greatly, this is the target of Shanxi. After association holds water, the demand that expands according to the industry, bear the responsibility that course of study of start on a journey represents, the new form of mass organizations job that explores industry characteristic hard, extend working space actively, for health of Shanxi chemical industry development makes positive contribution.

As we have learned, first those who attend Shanxi to save chemical association is enterprise or business the unit shares 85, almost include is provincial and all chemical industry and coal oversize, large enterprise, the chemical total production value of initiate enterprise is in 100 billion yuan of above.

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